Comparison of Spelfall and Need a Hero

Somewhere half a year ago I wrote a nice review about the match three type game – Need a Hero. Recently I had the opportunity to play another game of this type-Spellfall.
I do not want to splurge here very much about the mechanics of this game, nor create a review, because this is not the most important. I want to compare both of these games.

In Need and Hero, we were able to produce items from items you receive for each battle. It lasted unmercifully long. In Spellfall every time we win a battle, we change one item in the shop, and for this we get experience, run points, gold… It made me feel the impression of this prize.
No forcing the player to interrupt the game every now and then to our hero can relax. At Spellfall, we limit our life points, which we can restore for the game in gold. Seems to be fairly honest.
Spellfall-1024x546And now about earnings… No forcing the player to pay if we wanted to play longer. In Spellfallu, we don't feel that. We can play even without having a full life. In addition, the game trying to push us to buy gold or parcels of objects. However, the prices are so ridiculously high that the creators probably hoped that someone will make a purchase by accident (60euro for the sword, 40 for a large parcel of gold). If I were to pay for any good in this game, the price could not exceed 50centów. This is not a game in which I could impress anyone with a super character, and those few cents I could spend just for my pleasure. However, the game is not limited to selling us such products. We also show ads, quite rarely, which does not make the impression namolności. Probably from time to time someone look such an ad, or maybe even click on it, and that the game does not deter us, nor forbid us to play in ourselves, we see them a lot more.

Moral of this: do not be too avid to the money, because Odstraszysz people. Let the player play their game, do not be pushy, and occasionally see your ad. Try not to really judge the value of the goods you sell in the game, because nobody will spend a fortune on something that may soon disappear from his phone.

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