Mature players-something about this target group

Mature players. It is a group of people, most often men aged about 30-55 years, which is constantly growing. It is often characterized by great involvement in games and lack of time due to work, wives, children etc etc. Therefore, often can not afford long sessions in front of the computer, they want to be able to jump into the game for 10-30 minutes and feel that something they did. These are people who often have a free fund that can devote themselves to entertainment… So how do you manage this target group?

Unfortunately, a large number of people in this group complain about low reaction times compared to many younger people, so they do not feel that they have an equal chance in games that require this trait. For this reason, these people usually skip the FPS game.
MMORPG-style games that require the dedication of a powerful amount of time, too, are usually not considered by them. These players can't afford long, uninterrupted gaming.
Obviously their choice will be a lot of singleplayer games, because these usually contain the option to save and read the game state, which allows them to freely dose the time that spęczają in front of the computer. Selling a player to play singleplayer will be easy to exit, but not necessarily the best, because we pay only once. MMO games that have micropayments give you a much greater opportunity to draw money from such a player.

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I have to mention World of tanks in this place, which Wpasowała perfectly in this target group. It is a game that moves an interesting topic just for those people-tanks. The game does not only require rapid response time, but also prudence and planning, so that older players can gain even a certain advantage over the younger. The game requires between 5 and 15 minutes, in addition, the player after the battle, feels that he is closer to the achievement of his goal, and is appropriately rewarded with credits, experience and medals. In addition, players who devote this production a little time can experience the same emotions as others through a proper match making. An important feature of WoT is the lack of P2W elements. The game itself is also free and does not require any subscription, but it has many other paid options, for which people are willing to pay. It often happens that they spend much more here than if they bought this game only once (I am myself this example… unfortunately).

In conclusion: It is a target group, which cannot be omitted, but it is quite difficult to fit it.28b5a1ee94c0121ea849509f9a9393fd

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