Bone-based animation, spine program

Once the animations were performed time-lapse technique. It was not a very effective method because it required the creation of a very large number of images which then consisted in motion. How easy it is to add any further action that could be done by the figure avalanchely increases the amount of work that we need to put into the project.
So we invented the bone-based animations. This type of animation allows you to "tether" a specific part of your body to your bones. Then such a bone can be freely manipulated to be able to set the character in the chosen by US pose. This type of animation saves work and reduces the size of the animation. For the preparation of many animations, we just set the illustrations of body parts of our form.

A program that supports the creation of a bone-based 2d animation is spine. Creating basic animations in this program is very simple. Here a link to the tutorial.
You have to mention that spine comes in two versions:
-Basic, which includes tools to create simple animations, the ability to create skins (once made skeleton can be used in several forms), support for Hitboxów.
-Professional, which will allow us to overlap meshes, deforming the form (allows to get 3d effect), improved positioning system of bones, ghosting
The cost of the basic program version is 69 euro, professional 289, and business 2200.
Spine supports many working environments, the full list of which is Tuta: > LINK <

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