retention, Part One

Retention in games is an indicator that tells us how often players return to our game. In other words, it's about stopping a player from playing. This is a particularly important parameter in F2P games as it affects our earnings. Games that show ads and have high retention can display more of them, whereas games based on micropayments over time attach the player to each other, making it more inclined to make a payment.
What elements can we bring to your game to encourage players to stay in it and frequent visits?

The daily bonuses that a player will receive for just logging into the game each day. These systems are usually arranged in such a way that each subsequent prize is greater than the previous one, which will make the player more motivated in order not to take a break from our game.

Daily missions, which are simple quests for the player to get a reward. Nothing prevents the missions last longer or even connected with the daily bonuses.

The game must be fun for a long time. It is clear that after completing the game people are largely losing their interest. You can help here to enter additional game modes.

A long game can become monotonous. To avoid this you should give the player a sense of progress. Let the player discover new levels, meet new enemies, gets new buildings to construct, invents new technologies. There are many possibilities. News, however, should be dosed appropriately, so that the player does not feel overwhelmed, nor bored with the monotony and lack of development.

A very important aspect of today's games is the community. Players should be able to invite friends, create groups, teams and clans and compete against each other. These people are mutually motivated to play, which greatly improves retention in later stages of gameplay.

When a player has not visited your game for a long time, it is worth recalling. In mobile games, we have the option to display the appropriate notification icon. When a player has agreed to send emails to him, it is worth to try sometimes. However, beware! Too frequent and insistent information can anger. Notifications on your phone may be turned off and emails counted as spam. When a player really does not turn the game is worth tempting him a reward, eg. Premium currency, Premium account, in-game items, anything. On desktop computers I never stumbled to the game resemble about myself through a message from tray.

Collectibles can be an interesting thing extending the life of the game. Many people like to collect interesting items. For example, it is worth mentioning Heartstone, where we collect the cards, WoW, where we collect items, pety and Mounty, WoT, where we collect the tanks.

Achievement (Acievements). They are drugoplanowymi targets to which the player can strive. They can, however, be used to encourage players to fill them in the right way. They may be the determinant of a player's status if you can brag about them in some way. The performance of these heaviest can bring some prestige in the game.

Listen to players! It's always worth listening to what you have to say to those who play your game.62059467

Soon about what can easily reduce the retention of our game!

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