Rampage Knights

Rampage Knights is a beat'em up game. Przedzieramy in it by the other rooms siekąc with a sword on the right and left. The game is very dynamic, cheerful-dark, and most importantly it gives a lot of fun.

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However, let's analyze the elements of this game.
The game consists of stages, each stage consists of a series of randomly generated levels. This gives a certain value replayability but after a while we discover the shortcomings in diversity. The next levels encountered do not differ from each other already so much. Unfortunately, despite such possibilities, the game can go in less than 30 minutes, although it is devilishly difficult.
The humorous aspect of the game is very visible. Every moment we are attacked some absurd in the style of changing the head of the hero in fart butt, sometimes trying to mash us a great hairy foot, the Barbarian does not want to set up the armor because it has too przypakowaną klata, and sometimes attacks us wielgaśny Kurak with Axe. These Smaczkis are extremely agile to blend in with the generally grotesque colors and the circumstances of the game.
HULK Destroy! In the game we can interact heavily with the environment. Many objects can be destroyed, or raised and pushed in opponents. It makes a lot of fun.
Improvements to our character are extremely diverse. Often their absurdity perfectly complements the humorous aspects of the game. We can get the ability to summon skins from bananas on which our opponents (and we ourselves) wywijają eagles, or the possibility of eating coins.
Characters that we can play sometimes quite distinct between themselves, which positively affects the replayability, but does not always want us to play every character that is available.
The game unfortunately does not reward us in the law (about this later) no way to play, which does not positively affect the replayability, especially with such a short game.
In the game there is a system of achievements, for which you can unlock new characters. This is unfortunately the only reward for our game.
The game has a multiplayer option which allows us to play with friends. However, it is only a cooperation option. This is probably one of the reasons why the game included modifying the appearance of the player's character.

In summary it is a very successful game, which is the problem of length. To be honest 11 euros for which it was valued is a bit much… However, hopefully in the future there will be new updates to improve these shortcomings.

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