When the player has too much freedom

Some games allow players to have a very high expression. They allow you to create buildings, vehicles or creatures according to any idea. This is of course a great fun, but it carries some risks, especially when players can influence other players. Let me use examples.


In this game we create all sorts of living organisms. All that we have created may have been sent to the EA server and then automatically downloaded to the players ' computers to settle the planets they have discovered. There has been a lot of time when the producer of the game began to reach the parents of children from pretensions that in their game there are walking penises. I do not know if this situation still occurs.

It is an action game in which we can build any vehicle with small tetrahedra, then enter it into the field of battle and confront other vehicles built by other players. In this game players do not reduced to build penises. In the hour, I came here to meet a great that toilet, flying Rubik's Cube, or other such monsters. In the game we have the opportunity to play games against bots, which are apparently taken from the list of most popular models. In the game against live players, such situations have not often occurred, probably with the doubtful performance of such vehicles. Despite everything effectively odepchnęło me from this game.

For the purposes of this game are created dozens of private servers, and are not included in thousands of players. As it is possible to build here only the soul is anxious to encounter various buildings and inscriptions.

Frankly, the freedom of expression of the player in these games is their greatest advantage and the occasion of defects. Personally, I think that it is necessary to make certain mechanisms that would the impact of these bad content on a third party. In case of a dispute, it may be the acceptance of a moderator's creation before it is released to the world circuit, Robocraft and Minecraft may introduce a penalty system for those who create such absurd works. I don't want anyone procrastinate from creating games where players can create whatever they like. Personally, I think such a thing is great! … however, it carries some risks.

Here is a gallery of examples.

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