Interview with Bartosz Bojarowskim, creator of Madness of Little Emma

Introduce yourself please. Where are you, who, do you develop your games professionally, do you have education associated with it?
My name is Bartosz Bojarowski, I am a programmer (after Wroclaw University of Engineering), and I mainly develop Web applications in the .net framework every day. Emma is my first game, which is so close to end, previously I wrote quite a few different very typical roguelików (such turn RPG with ASCII graphics) to the drawer.
Write a few words about your game.
A platform inspired by games such as Binding of ISAAC, Castlevania, American's Alice, Legend of Zelda:)

Why the idea of creating such a game? Where does Emmy come from? What is her story from where she came in such a dark place? I have not yet completed the game, but I have seen a few girls hanged and her spirits. Betray me how many levels is the game? I managed to kill only the third boss.
The history of Emmys is partly explored, which is not yet hooked up to the game:

More will be explained in the final clips (there will be 4 different endings and 4 videos connecting to the whole).
The idea of character and the whole story is the effect of several weeks of stacking it in the head:)
There are 8 boards. At the first pass the game ends after the 3rd episode (6th board)-The next passages if it meets certain conditions of the game goes on 7 and 8 board-These are quite simple conditions, roughly enough to collect most items along the way, but details I don't want to betray. Generally there were a few people wprawionych in such games, which for 2-3 together came to the 6th board.

Have you used a ready-made engine to create the game? If so what and why? If not, why have you decided to create a game from scratch?
The game is written in Java using the Slick2D engine. This engine is quite "crude" and there are only basic things like display, gamepad support, main game loop and stuff. The engine uses a different LWJGL engine, which uses OpenGL (by that although it is JAVA, then there are separate versions for different operating systems-the game will be on Windows/MAC/Linux)

Where do the graphics and sounds used by you in the game come from?
The author of Pixelartu is Arthur Persian, this vetting (Intro/endings and illustrations, which while not in the game, but will-before the fights with bosses and new boards) are Joanna Efenberger and Kamila Fetter. Sounds and music are the result of many hours of crawling (mostly paid) online sound libraries and a musician.

Are you planning on changing difficulty levels in the game? If not, why?
The game becomes more difficult with unlocking more content, TRUDNIEJSI bosses and Minibossowie unlocks until later. I personally do not like the difficulty levels, because I always felt that as I do not play on the hardest, it is cheating;). Diablo 2 and 3 also played only on HC;).

Are you planning to introduce a reward system or achievements for individual game transitions?
Surely I plan to integrate with the system of achievements on steam, besides, along with the play unlock additional items and enemies. I do not plan to do things like "stronger start-up" after doing something there, although as enough time to release it I plan to enter the choice of the second character, which will be unlocked.

How long did it take to bring the game to a state in which it is now?
Working on Emma I started in December 2014 and worked on it in my spare time this afternoon and on weekends.

Did you devote much time to designing the game before encoding? So?
I do not remember exactly, but somehow for a week, two arranged myself in the head outline of the game. A lot of things arose "in progress". As for the items, now there are more than 150, the vast majority was created in a notebook when I was on vacation.

The game already in Alpha version seems to work very smoothly. You already have an idea how to zmonetyzować it? Why did you choose this form?
The game passed steam Greenlight (in 13 days, which is quite fast:)) and I plan to spend it on steam, because it is the largest platform to sell games. It's nice that you write that the game works very smoothly, despite the number of your comments:).

Plans for the next game?
If Emma, although it comes to 0 (ie I will refund the cost of graphics + sounds), then I plan to make an additive, such a convention of the game leaves a lot of space to enrich gameplay for new things. If not, for now I have no idea, previously I thought about some RPG platformer in the climates Dark souls, but now as I look it is a spore of this type of games, so I would rather think of something else. 

Official game Page

I had the opportunity to play the game Bartek and the impressions were very positive, and it was an alpha version. I was expecting a lot of baboli, but I was surprised by only minor shortcomings. I'm waiting for the final version!

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