retention, Part Two

Some time ago I wrote about what can positively affect the retention of players. Time to say what usually affects it negatively.

The stability of the game is one of the most important factors, which in an easy quick way will make players abandon our game. Nobody likes when his play is interrupted by any mistakes, or when the application closes automatically. Even worse when a player loses their progress in the game. In these situations, it will be hard to get a second chance.

Bad idea and bad design. How easy it was to guess. The uninteresting game will not encourage anyone, even more when it is combined with poor design and uninteresting solutions.

Mechanisms that forbid the player to play the game. Several times I already described a game that requires the player to interrupt the game for a long time, or tries to enforce payment.

Unintuitive User Interface. The player would like to enter the game and be able to play it right away. The game should use some grated support schemes.

Overwhelmed by novelties. Sometimes I encounter games that will throw something new to the player, when this has not yet learned to support the previous functions.

As you can see maintaining player retention is a fairly complex problem, which mainly comes down to one thing – entertainment and enjoyment of the game. If the game will be fun it is already half the success.

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