The evolution of the cartoon warrior from the game Hidden Kingdome

Today I present to you the evolution of the characters in the game at which I cooperate. The premise of the game is to be pleasant, cartoony with a lot of humor. The first prototype of the Warrior and the bandit looked like this:

Unfortunately, these models are more suited to the strategy game, where the player does not attach to any particular character seen on the screen. Their animation also looked quite blocky and dull. The characters had too little detail, nor had a true and clear face so that the player could identified. I asked the graphics to offer some other concepts of the warrior character. Here's what I received:Province_

I was still not happy with the results, so I have been another conversation with the graphic designer, this time, indicating that I would like to receive graphics in a significantly different styles and that it can more let the imagination reins. The result was a few drawings.Postacie_testy5wersji_kolor4_male

Most liked the figure number 4 (although I also wondered over 5). Something that, however, reject me in it is the pig nose and the big ears. So… The character should be slightly funny and comic, but the player should be able to feel attachment to her rather than contempt (?). So I received several versions of our Warrior's face.4b (1)

After that, it was the last amendment in the form of a reduction in ears, and draw the face in several versions, so that in the animation process can give the warrior some emotions and grimaces.
This is the final version of the face of our warrior and the bandit.POSTACIEv1_wip

You probably noticed that somewhere along the way our figure lost elbows and knees. This treatment was mainly caused by the purpose of simplifying animation. In the near future I hope that I can show you some animation in action!

ps. The author of the graphic (apart from the first two) is Meve, whose work has already been found here on the blog.

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