The phenomenon of a game

A long time ago, in the year 2003, when in Poland telecommunications Poland introduced the service Neostrada started the Internet Boom. Many people have connected to the network, and some of them began to look for something in what they could play on the web. At that time, World of Warcraft did not exist yet, and after its creation many people could not afford to subscribe. In the same year the global server was created MU Online and probably this has allowed her to achieve quite a big success on the Polish market.Screen (06_23-00_15)-0002

The game itself consists mainly of Grindowaniu, winning the highest level takes years, just the same clothes of our character in the best items. The gameplay itself was a little interesting, but the PVP aspect was an element that all rewarded. The last months of war were on the agenda.
Currently the game is in a rather interesting stadium. Developers to make it easier to grind people have implemented a bot, which itself plays the game. They have also added the possibility to run several clients of the game on one computer, so that we can create a party themselves. I was wondering why engage in a game that plays itself without our participation? I was enlightened by my colleague who was still playing it. He described him as a perfect game for him, as he could turn it on and do something else at the same time. Be Imprezowiczem and no-life at the same time. Only occasionally zerka a game to see if he was able to catch a valuable item.

This is a game-phenomenon, in the example of which you can see that wstrzelenie with its product in a newly emerging market can bring success even a fairly weak game, which has a huge amount of problems.

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