Cards and Castles Review

Cards and Castles is a turn-based strategy game with cards in the main role for mobile devices and PC.Bloodthirst-240x300
The same gameplay is trivially simple: we put a card on the board, if we stand, then we move and attack. We win when destroy the opponent's castle. These simple assumptions are complicated when we consider the diversity of the cardinal. This is a classic example of the game Easy to Learn, Hard to Master.

At the first start of the game I was immediately dragged into the tutorial, which quite quickly acquainted me with the rules of the game. Unfortunately, I came across this site for a bug in the game that forced me to reinstall. A little bit of me to poirytowało, but well…
After completing the training I received a few packages of cards that 12:8 started to open. I had no problems with this, but my colleague had to reset the game every moment because of the pendant. Comic style cards me captivated. Nicely done, jajcarskie and often accurately illustrate the operation of the card itself. Unfortunately, the descriptions of the action of some cards tend to be confusing, although it is not much, but can anger.
I wanted to play with a colleague, which I ordered to install this game. I had little problems logging into the game, and general account creation, but after the reset the problem quickly expired. Luckily, there was no trouble connecting to a colleague and playing the battle. Not a lack of emotions or twists… I lost the first battle, but after a while I gave the council to bite.
Later I played with the screenplays prepared by the creators. Some of them caused me small problems and wymuszała combinations with the changes of my decks, which I consider to be a good lesson. This allowed me to know the strong and weak sides of various factions in the game.
And just! In the game we have available cards that belong to several factions. We have pirates, Vikings, Knights, ninjas and wizards. Each party has its own unique climate and character. For example, Vikings put on brute force, and wizards on… 🙂 Spells By creating a deck we can choose one or two factions from which we can draw cards, and in addition we can always use these neutrals. This gives quite a great opportunity to create different tactics.
I must also mention that in the game there is a store in which we can buy a package of cards. Prices are, however, absurd enough that few probably decide to buy… However, it is a PVP game, so getting an advantage over your opponent is tempting. Fortunately, all that we can buy, we can also earn by dedicating a sufficient amount of time to play.
Unfortunately, playing in the network with live players did not work for me well. I was able to win about one battle in 10. Well… I'm not too good in this type of games.

The end of the end is a game that gives a lot of fun, gives you a lot of roads, and those funny cards that we can collect. In addition to these errors in the game I mentioned the application went flawlessly.

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