Gorwen. Kosmicza browser game.

Gorwen is a browser game in which we manage an interplanetary empire. We build the infrastructure of the planet, build a fleet and łupimy other players. The whole idea should be immediately close to people who have already been in contact with Ogame, tribes or other games of this type. The project is still in beta, so you can not expect to have everything worked perfectly, the main disadvantages of the game is a widely understood usability, informing the player and the friendliness of the interface. Many of these problems I described the creators of Gorwen and promised to improve them. The plan is also a thorough redevelopment of the UI. The game mechanics itself, however, is fully functional.

As for me the game has a chance to compete with Ogame, but must solve the problems that hinder people to play. I would like to see here more interesting mechanic that urozmaiciły to play. But it comes down to the next thing…

Mateusz (the creator of the game) is looking for people who wanted to support the project, because it is the only person who works over it and simply is not able to do everything he wants. Mainly looking for people dealing with programming or (and even better-also) graphics.

We live… We'll see….


And so by the way, this whole situation inspired me to describe how a game of that type looked like in my release. Soon, something will appear.

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