Teach a player to play a game


Many times probably in with the game, after which you had no idea how to play it. Even if the game had something like a tutorial somewhere, let's be honest… We don't always use this option, especially when we've played a similar game.
Let us consider how to bring the player to our game so as not to upset using it, and by the way he did not feel that we treat him like a brainless yeti:)

In games where our character moves, the easiest way is to design the game so that new elements appear with the player's journey. This solution is doubly beneficial, because by the way we have an additional possibility of gradation of difficulty levels. Whenever we put a new obstacle in front of a player or give it new opportunities, we can display the relevant information. Sometimes you might want to use sounds. Let's imagine this situation:

In the FPS game, you bet in front of a zombie player, which can only kill a headshot. When the game detects a few hits in the chest in a row, a player's character can pronounce the issue "butterfly leg, unless I have to start aiming at the head!"

We can also put the tutorial as a feature introduction. If I remember correctly, the Call of Duty solution was used. The game we on a training ground where we to shoot, throw grenades and all other things. The downside is the small amount of time that we give the player to get acquainted with each of the functionalities.

You should also try to make the tutorial itself coplayed with the pace of the game. I once met with an action game (a forgotten title) in which our game was pauzowana to display a few lines of text that I had read to find out how something worked. Instinctively I clicked the skip button and nothing I learned…

An interesting and increasingly used solution is to use a system of missions. This is especially true in online games. The general rule is not to restrict the player in any way, but only to encourage him to perform certain activities through the rewards included in these missions.

Another bad type of tutorial is the carrying of a handle. This usually involves blocking the whole game, except for one element that the player should just click, and in addition the whole okraszona is a few lines of text. Running such a game my inner voice until he screams "give me in the end play, I'm not retard!". This will make the player click through all the options, not even including thinking.

Usually it's not worth stopping the fun of the player when we want to explain a new thing to him. It is quite a good idea to put a pop-up window in the game where you will find a short description of the action, and if possible its graphical representation for those who do not like to read. Maybe some of you are wondering: "Why should I put information about how to play in such form, and not another one? Isn't it enough for the text itself? After all, the player should want to know how to play. " The answer is simple. Because it is in your interest to make the player know how to play and not upset for this reason. The player does not need to learn, he wants to have fun, he wants to play… And you will, but maybe not in your game, if you do not make it easier.

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