Glossary-Basic Mechanics

Basic Mechanics.

These are the basic rules of the game expressed in a very precise version, which will allow them to easily translate into językprogramistyczny. This is the crux of each game.

Example 1:
The general rule of the FPS game says: The firing rate of the shotgun is larger than the rocket launcher, but smaller than the rifle.
Description of the element of the postural mechanics:
Gun fire rate = 30 shots per minute, shotgun 20, and launcher 10.

Example 2:
The general rule of AI Zombie: If a zombie sees a player attacking him, unless he has something more important to do.
Description of basic Mechanics:
When a zombie sees the player moves to its side, the speed of the zombie is 5km/h. The maximum view range of a zombie is 100 meters. Zombie does not see through walls and other non-transparent objects. Zombies are not looking for alternative paths to the player, always goes straight towards the player. After reaching the player he attacks his claws. The zombies will not attack the player when they get feeds or fights.

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