Eerie Valley

The Eerie valley is a definition of the effect that evokes robots or animations very similar to people on the comfort of an observer. The point here is that when we try to create, for eDolina_niesamowitoscixample in the game, the animation of human form can be very badly influenced by the player. This effect is the stronger the more we try to like our creature to the living person. All the discomfort vanishes when we a certain degree of naturality until the Observer accepts what he sees. This is the reason why you might want to consider using in-game characters that are not people, dress them up in armor, or simply not try to create realistic people if you are not sure they will work well on the player.

I was very impressed that BETHESDA had not fully applied to its task in this respect. When I saw the creation of the characters in Fallout 4 simply odechciewało to look. The characters unnaturally gibałyed, did mines, generally behaved unnaturally.

Japan's teacher Robot "Saya" is demonstrated by Hiroshi Kobayashi, Tokyo University of Science professor and Saya's developer, at his office in Tokyo, Japan, Wednesday, March 11, 2009. First developed as a receptionist robot in 2004, Saya was tested in a real Tokyo classroom earlier this year to a handful of fifth and sixth graders, although it still can't do much more than call roll and shout orders like "Be quiet." (AP Photo/Itsuo Inouye)

It's just such a short note on my part. This is one aspect that you might want to consider when designing a game.
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