Tresowany Pigeon.

Various reward mechanisms are widely used in the games. Usually, when you complete a level you get points, for the killing of a gold monster, and for the execution of a mission yet something else. In general, you were rewarded for your "work" in the game. If Złapaliście to make something in the game a lot of times, then you can say you have been locked in a skinner frame. There is nothing wrong with this, if the reward is adequate for your effort – it cannot be too easy to obtain, nor too small, it must be just in time. Often players are in such a Way "Tresowani" by game developers that do things that strain them, or completely bored. For example, grinding in the aforementioned time ago: Całotygodniowe seat The character in one place to gain the level. As a contrast, I give raid from Wowa, where the same "work" was interesting and addictive, required cooperation, social interaction. Often it is not the same completion of RAID was not the most important, but the struggle for it.

Video-game-addictionIt is also worth noting how the randomness of the prize is affected. Let the first one throw the stone, whoever has not played roulette, did not destroy the barrels in Diablo, did not wow the same insta several times to get 1% (or less) chance for this thing! There is something in the psyche of a man telling him: Now he succeeds, now odgryzę.

From the point of view of the game designer, it is crucial to design the game so that the player wants to get a reward great fun and that the reward was adequate to his efforts.

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