Pixel Perfect

Some time ago I presented to you an interview with Jelcynkiem-the creator of the game Pixel Perfect (interview with Jelcynkiem). Then the game was still in production, and today I want to let you know that you can already play in it!

The game can be found on Google Play at the following link:

Pixel Perfect on Google Play

The game is very addictive and I can recommend it… however…

This is not a game for people with weak nerves because of its difficulty level. I am making a few deaths I had to put off the phone aside to cool. In any case, this should not be considered a defect. Fortunately, the game does not punish us for every death, just one quick click and we play further!

Besides, the game has charming graphics, which allowed me to go back to the time when I played with my friends on Pegazusie or the Commodore brother.

Unfortunately, there are two slightly annoying elements in the game. I had a lot of problems with the control of the game, which happened to me die. I still felt that I had given the command to turn, and the figure continued to do her. The second thing is that it is hard to sense from what height we can safely fall. I learned this until after completing the 8-10 levels of the game… I think you can solve this issue in a better way.

There remains nothing, just play and try not to go after the hundredth attempt to perform a jump. 🙂

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