Jumpers-game idea

This is a game of the series to reach as far as possible, and in the meantime buy upgrades. Dedicated to mobile devices. In this where the player takes on the Fikuśnego creature-a jumper, whose dream is to jump as high as possible, and as far as possible, which is to help the great slingshot built by him.
The game will be based on repeating attempts to cast as best jump. On each test, the player can collect coins and perform missions for which he receives cash. The currency is used to buy more and better improvements to the properties of our pet's jumps and volatiles.
As the jumper befits our hero has a very elastic tail, which he can use to bounce off the ground and continue his flight. In the game, this is the TAPNIĘCIU jumper at the most appropriate time, which will make it bounce with maximum effectiveness. Tap in the wrong moment can cause a large loss of energy, and the total miss or lack of Tapnięcia will end kraksą on the ground.

Main Loop Game run
The player using Tapnięć stops the direction bar and catapult forces.
With two buttons, it changes the direction of the jumper's flight.
During the flight encounters various elements of the environment, collects coins and performs missions.
When approaching the Earth, the player tapuje jumper to get the bounce. The closer the earth does, the less energy the jumper will lose. If you late the jumper will count connection.
After the tail wear (the number of possible reflections drops to 0) The reflection mechanism is used to determine the landing style for which bonus coins are awarded.

Flight jumper is headed by a normal physics based on weight, air resistance, heavier control at higher speeds, wind influences. In addition to the use of the engine and flight boosters, the jumper is based on Szybowaniu.

The game world is divided into several layers.
Medium – There are light winds that rarely change direction
High – with strong winds that often change direction
The highest-in addition to strong winds, you can also encounter flying islands
Above is space. Abu survive here the player must have a special life support system. In space the game focuses on the avoidance of flying comets, black holes that try to suck our jumper. After defeating the right distance, the player can hit and land on another planet, which from now on will be available as a new starting place.
Other planets may have different values of winds, gravity, other obstructions, or the frequency of their occurrence.

The player can face many adversities and boosters on his aerial road. These include:
Speed boosters-Add a vector of force with a specific return to the movement vector of the jumper.
Rising and schodzące air currents.
Fuel – replenishes fuel in the engine. Appears only after the player has unlocked the engine.
Revival of Life – renews part of the Knight's life
Coins – Used for shopping
Storm clouds – temporarily oszałamiają the jumper, make the player no control over it
Birds, Balloons, UFOs, and other flying objects interfere with the player's flight, as they may not be hit by losing momentum and points of life. The player can also destroy them with a strong impact by gaining extra coins.
Air Whirls – Catch the jumper and throw it in a random direction around.
On the ground on the jumper there are also different adventures:
Marsh-from which you can not bounce
Large trees effectively impede good punching. After hitting the flight path tree jumps are lightly changed.
However, there are good sites
On the ground running the buddies of our pet with a trampoline, which can bounce even higher.
It can also hit a thin flexible tree that will throw in a certain force in a more or less specific direction.

The player for earned coins can improve many aspects of his jumper.
Weight reduction
Reduce air resistance
Improved controllability
Stronger tail-increases the number of possible reflections from the Earth.
Catapult Strength Upgrade
Magnet – Allows you to collect flying coins next to them
Jumper – increases energy rebounds from Earth
Control in the wind-reduces the impact of winds on the jumper and vortices air
Stamina – Increases the number of life points of a knight
Efficiency of speed boosters – they work with more strength.
Increased maximum speed
Afterburner – allows you to use the afterburner by tapping and holding the jumper
Afterburner strength – Improves boost performance, boosts power
Engine Paliwożerności Reduction
Life Support System – allows you to enter space.

In the game there are also missions that we can try to do to get extra coins. In one moment the player has 3 active missions. For example:
Reach Height X
Reach Speed X
Land on another planet
Land on a flying island
Get the perfect landing
Get the perfect bounce X times in a row
Wyleć into space
Count X boosters in a single flight
Locate and catch the jumper artifact
Knock X birds/balloons/UFO
Collect X Coins
Bottom X far right or left
Keep in the air for X time
Find a unique bird.

In the near future I present to you the appearance of a knight.

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