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After a long break I present to you the developed description of the Baan Peninsula.
For the record > Here, < is a map of the world. I will try to improve her display soon so that I can watch it from within the blog. And now the thing:

Baan Peninsula is located at the southern end of the continent. The main town of the area is Baan, which is the capital of the country with the same name, and it is part of the southern Union. The coat of arms of Baan State is the Iron fist on a red background. People Zapasjonowani the science. Society is divided into two main castes: scientists and all the rest that work physically. The state is managed by the Council of five, which is composed of the oldest and most respected inventors and scientists, there is no single person who exercises power as in many other countries. The whole town of Baan is covered with red dust coming from the surrounding mountains, which is nestled. This dust consisting mainly of iron causes many respiratory ailments and at the same time poisonses the body, which is the most prominent symptom of baldness of many citizens. Fortunately, the research on dust-binding devices seems to have finished. Until recently, there was a fight arena, which was closed in connection with the history of one character who had the opportunity to experience it. The main buildings of the city are the town hall, the Great Library, the workshop, the laboratory, the University of Baan Engineering and the mining team in which Iron and Magnetokor (the mineral showing superconductivity at a temperature of-10 degrees Celsius) are mined. ). Besides there are some by, smaller labs, blacksmith. The main export goods are different sorts of inventions, and water and food are imported. In plans for the future is the construction of a pipeline, which has to pull up to the Heron's lake to satisfy the citizens ' desire.

The Baan Mountains are the old mountains with an average of steep slopes. They are red because of the high iron content. There are unusual magnetic anomalies in here-often you can find pieces of rocks floating in the air, this is due to deposits of iron and Magnetokoru. Dust covering the entire area is arranged in huge complex patterns that image the lines of the magnetic field. A frequent view here are lightning from the bare skies, magnetic storms and Northern lights. Vegetation is extremely poor, in few places you can come across small plants with very sharp leaves, small clumps of grass and mosses. In the fauna in the course of evolution has adapted to the prevailing conditions here. You can meet here small red bunnies, bouncy chamois with long and sharp corners, platokory covered with metal-kościanymed armour and zeetach resembling a lynx creature, whose tail is terminated with a long, metal spike jadowym.2poprawki_

North of Baan, Baan stretches across the Highlands. They are cultivated areas, although not fertile. There are many farms here. There are many agricultural machines in the fields that replace people's work. A big problem in the area are the hypertrophied worms Wezoidy, which are a combination of known Mantis and Beetle. Developed a network of extensive tunnels. As if this was not enough in the east is located workshop of a mad scientist, who through his apparatus tries to take control of machines working in the area. The highland crosses the river of Blood, which owes its name to its color, and this is taken from the wypłukiwanego of the mountains of iron. On its banks, next to the bridge between Tethys and Rheą is located a water mill. Tethys is a small town led by the mayor of the Council of Baan. Life here revolves mainly around the cultivation of the surrounding fields, repair and handling robots working there. There is a tavern, several blacksmiths, a mechanic, shops, a small bazaar. A few kilometers to the east lies Rhea. It is a small coastal village, which is the inhabitants of the culture of pearls. The coastline is very well managed, there are many different types of frames, nets, boats. There's even a pier.

To the west of the Highlands, just behind the river coral (just as red as the river of Blood) is located a hanging forest, which takes its name from trees hanging from the cliff. Red is the main color here too. This forest is rich in game łowną… and bandits. The curiosity are coniferous trees that produce metal cones. From the forest, just above the cliff wychylają the powerful monuments of ancient rulers of those areas that look the bay guarding it.

The last area of Baan is Las Phoebe, which is populated mainly by deer, grzywiaste wolves, hares and DRYADSS, which are mostly located in the estuary area. The forest is attacked by a strange grzybiczą infection, which causes the creature to live here become extremely aggressive. Beware of large, yellowish, okrągławe mushrooms. With the slightest touch, they explode by throwing away the spore cloud. Due to the high humidity of the air and the quite specific conditions here, very often there is dense fog in the air, which reduces the visibility of four meters.

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