Game series

Watching a few close to me a series of games and what happens to them I started to wonder what such in them is. Why the players after they do not reach for the titles that have already had the opportunity to meet. I will try to discuss this, for example, a few well-known series.

Looking at the Fallout series. The first two games were almost identical in terms of mechanics. They gave almost unlimited freedom, a lot of dialogues, different ways of solving the same problem, in different ways to promote different styles of play. Then came the tactics, which threw out these mechanics to focus on the fight. These changes were not met with great sympathy of the fans of the series, but was acceptable as a completely separate, with predecessors with only a common name and universe. Then, the creations were transferred to the third dimension, which, however, more alluded to the freedom available in the precursors of the series and they were fairly well received by the fans. Unfortunately, not by me, because somehow reject me the transfer of this game to 3d. And finally, Fallout 4 appeared, which is a litter between extreme assessments depending on who ask.

Another series that has changed dramatically over the years was the settlers. The first two parts focused on building state economics and infrastructure. The third and fourth part of the simplified part of the game related to infrastructure for more control over military activities, which parts of the players did not like, but were the changes large enough to scare fans of the series. Then came the time for the legacy of kings, which did not take due to too much change: the abandonment of humorous style, the introduction of heroes, the simplification of economics. Then made a nod to the original using the game settlers 10 years. After that, there were several other games Settlers Online.

So what do you decide that players are reaching for the next game in the series? This is usually the expectation that the next game will not be radically different from what they already know. They reach for a game that they already like and want to simply more and better. The Problem appears the game publisher game wants to enter the element differently, which does not necessarily have to be bad, but may not appeal to fans of the series. Of course, such a different game can be good. Sometimes it happens that the game gets an extreme rating from the players. Weak from the fans of the series for their disappointment and good from new players.

Creating a sequel to the game must be solidly reflect why players love your game and what they can expect from the next part.

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