The history of the Piggy Gun

Below is one of the most interesting stories related to the creation of the game. By the way, it illustrates how important it was to design it.

1. Idea.
The game itself was created a little earlier than the idea to create a game. It started with everything from drawing the makeshift guinea pig to workbook from entrepreneurship, and it was like this: the beginning of the school year, the first technical class and of course the first lessons. It was somehow between the end of September and the beginning of October when I decided to draw a boring entrepreneurial lesson on the back of the workbook. I was reminded as in the rysowało of the pigs with letters E-as the nose, M-as the ears, in-as legs, e-as a tail and so I such a pig. It was nothing short of a pig, which lessons on her back dorysowywałem a variety of weapons ranging from the minigun rising to lasers, harpoon launchers, mechanical saws, etc. So here's the piggy of the day expanded up, until I finally took my entire page on the back of the book. The process of dorysowywaniaing new weapons lasted about three months. When there was no place to dorysowywanie something new I decided to call this piggy. The word "gun" got straight to my head and for the first few moments I spoke to her "gun piggy". Only after a few minutes I found that since the second member is English is the first it should be, and so here was the name "Piggy Gun". At a later time somehow in February 2015. I spoke to colleagues about the games when one of them said "I wonder how it is to create your own game and play it, what is the feeling." So I thought it would be worth checking out and creating a game. At first I had no idea of the game or any skill to create it. And again came the lesson of entrepreneurship, I opened a workbook on the back, I to this pig and reminded me of a game that once often played on the phone, namely, "Earn to Die", which was about improving the vehicle and killing zombies this is Vehicle. And then the golden thought was made, why not to create a game in which the main character would be a piggy, and its task is to eliminate the zombies. Since then I knew that the Piggy Gun is not a mere piggy drawn in workbook just an idea to create a game for what I took literally overnight.Sketch-ZOM_SXSSHHQ

2. Learn Unity 3d and C#.
Along with the idea of immediately when I got home the first password I searched on Google was "creating my own 2d game". I read a few topics, I a few clips, after a long analysis of the engines, I found that Unity 3d will be the right engine, and C# will not be a problem for me, because I already knew C and C++. Well, it was not as colorful as it seemed. I downloaded Unity 3d and when I first started when I saw all these options, panes, etc. There was a thought "and what now? How is it taken? " Well, again, back to Google and looking for a specific guide to Unity 3d. I heard about the same environment no more time, but I never took it for him, because I could not find the appropriate Polish clinic, which would clearly and fairly explained the individual options for the engine and its basic functions. Until suddenly came across a page, which contains great tutorials on Unity 3d and C#. I immediately took charge of it starting from the thorough reading and reworking exercises in the engine. After approx. I learned a week of learning that I already know enough basics to start creating a Piggy Gun, and that I'm not going to give up on my own, I just expanded my knowledge about Unity 3d – I knew I had to finish this game.

3. Design and create a game.
I immediately mention that the game was not designed before it was created, which was a very big mistake, which is not enough that hearing during its creation it has bounced very much on optimization and clutter in the files and code of the game. I knew from the beginning that I needed graphics. It was well composed that I have a family cousin, who also likes to play games and draw great, so obviously I presented her my idea for the game and I asked to drew me makeshift the pig, so that for now to test whether everything works and how it Looks in the game itself. On the drawing did not wait long, I got it the next day, Pokolorowałem in a graphics program and saved, and then threw into Unity 3d. Then it is known: adding an image to the scene, assigning the components to it and writing a script to move the mumps-then even without animation. It turned out that everything looks pretty good and immediately proceeded to follow up. I've created animations for mumps. Almost every animation in the game consists of the frames that occur in the same time interval. Animations created in the graphics program, I set up next to each other and threw into Unity 3d later creating animations as occurring images after each other. Creating animations was really time-consuming, but I didn't lose faith and zeal. I knew that what I was doing must be completed. At first I could not accept the fact that the game will not be created from day to day only can be created month, half a year, one year, and maybe even more, but I managed to win it. So from day to day, new drawings Zombies, weapons, surroundings and new animations. Adding new things to the game took place in such a way that when I got some idea to go I what was a big mistake, because often it was possible to do it much easier and faster than adding a new object, writing a new script, etc. I also often times that I had to create a new project several times because the number of scripts was Nawarstwiała, and instead of writing a few similar scripts I could have written one affecting several objects than assigning another script to each object. I often use different Unity guides and documentation to create scripts. I did not give up if I could not and I was looking for this literally everywhere, even often sitting over one thing late into the night, I did not skip anything in any way. This is how months went by, constantly new drawings and continuous creation of animations and adding them to the game. The game I created only weekends, because I did not pogodziłbym school and science with time to create a game, but I could sit all weekend to do as much as possible. When the future holidays terribly "Olala" the matter and instead of using the free time to create a game I preferred to spend it with friends-which of course does not regret. Somehow, in the middle of the holiday I decided to finish this game to the end, since I started something is worth it to end. The game was literally already on the finish when I met an annoying incident and accidentally formatted the drive in the computer and the external drive, and other copies of the files I did not possess. Of course the first day I was incredibly angry. I lost something over what I worked in a few seconds, but I did not give up and decided to try to recover the data. I immediately went for the process of data recovery and I managed to recover some images and animation, unfortunately, no script or files of the game did not survive. No time I just decided to take a handful in the end and finish this game. I worked from morning to night with a computer and during the week I was able to create what I had before and also add some new stuff and correct the old mistakes. Then it was possible to say that the game was already ready, but I added to it still some new things and corrected the mistakes. In October 2015. I have shared the game with classmates who have obviously tested it and told me what to improve, what to add and what to change. Of course I listened to them, I corrected the bugs, I added some new interesting things, but what I noticed is a mess again in the scripts. Unfortunately I did not want to wait with the game and decided that there is nothing to create it again "anew" only to finish this one big mess and spend it, and possibly later to create from scratch. After many tests on 2 November 2015. Piggy Gun has welcomed you to the Play store. Since then, there have been added some new interesting things, but I will add that the game is no longer updated as often as was the beginning for several reasons: no time, no big interest in the game on the part of others, a big mess in the game files.Piggy

4. Summary.
Piggy Gun is an interesting life experience for me. I noticed that I was able to create something I craved for the world in spite of my opposition. Despite the mistakes arising from the lack of the design of the game, I think it is quite interesting and pleasing to the eye, and the same idea about the mumps and zombies will be used for sure Piggy Gun 2 already with much better graphics and the same game, because it will be exactly Scheduled. Creating this game I learned a lot about the same Unity 3d environment, about C#, and about the creation of games by watching many courses and videos related to it. Now the creation for me of both 2d and 3d games is not a bigger problem. Just Unity 3d, Visual Studio and unity documentation and everything you can create. An important step in creating a game is the project. If you do not design the game and every detail does not create it as if we wanted and the game any a lot of mistakes. Even more important is the enthusiasm which does not mean that when you the brilliant idea of creating a game you already see millions of dollars and your own company with an amazing team. By creating a Piggy Gun I always said that there is nothing to hurry and I did everything on a quiet, not to lose faith and desire. I did not give up though, not once I went through different thoughts, or would not throw it, because it makes no sense. I can still mention an incident with the deletion of the data. Despite this, I still had the desire and enthusiasm to create the game.

5. Thanks.
I would like to thank you from this place to all who have helped me with creating a Piggy Gun and to add it from myself that you are not allowed to give up. I will not cheated that the creation of games is not always easy and fun, but it is worth it, because with every game we take new experiences and skills, and sometimes it is worth spending free time to design the game-with time it can pay off.

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Link to Google Play with the game

I threw one in the eye: boring lessons cause creativity:)

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