The idea to play Ozi000-reader

Working name of the game-GoZ/Gra o Zoo/

Player goal-The premise is to be a sandbox, so what you will want. The main goal can be eg. Build a huge and nice zoo, skolekcjonowanie all the animals, or earn a certain amount of money. Here the player himself takes goals.
Another case is the campaign-here the goals are set in advance, and for their execution are special rewards, which can then be used in sandbox mode eg. New fence, location to search for animals etc.

Sub-objectives-so-called Challenges. Periodically, in sandbox mode, you'll see a message about a new challenge, which will include a description (such as a story), a goal to perform, and a reward, which in most cases will be a monetary amount. The tasks will be different, from the search for escaped animals, by the construction of specific buildings, to the execution of specific operations in PIERWSZOOSOBOWYM mode.

Goal of the game-not to be confused with the goal of the player! The game puts a lot of realism and recalibration of reality, and the aim of the game is to elastic the player and educate him, but in such a way as not to interfere with the game and not enforced on it (player). So the point is that the game will be something a'la encyclopedia with information Dot. The animal, location, etc., and even if the player does not look to her will learn something through the behavior of animals, which will be like most odwzorcowaniem what wyprawiają in reality. It is also called. Education Centre, which is below.

Player role-The player takes on the architect and manager of the zoo. Builds catwalks, paths, guest stands, theme parks… And then adds the animals and places the boxes for donations… Somehow you have to earn;). The park manager also has the task of ensuring adequate supply of animals and food for them. To get the animals you can go on the "hunt", or hire a special team.
-Yourself: Take the sniper rifle on the arrow hypnotic and Move! The important thing: there are 2 modes of difficulty: For the brave and the less. In the brave mode you can be attacked by eg. Lion, for the less courageous no longer. You can find specific genres in a specific location, such as In Madagascar you will find the lemurs Katta.
-Team you send: you have a certain need, you may want some kind of animal. You are sending a DS team. Gaining animals, you give them a specific thing, what they have gotten. To not be too wonderful you have to pay for it, equip, and so you do not have a 100% chance that you will get your beloved animal.
Such a mini-game, but very important. Such a stealth possessing elements of shares. First-person view.
Equipment (possible and initial pre-release):
-Sleeper 6 × 2,
-1 × 3 pistol,
-Smoke grenades,
Each of them is used for something else. Binoculars zooms the view, Usypiacze usypiają animals, gun is used to defend (about this below), smoke grenades form a wall of smoke, which animals do not see anything and run headlong (and maybe some instrumental in the tree:)), and the night vision allows to see in the dark and smoke .
Upon payment of the appropriate fee/czyt. After paying the transport costs/the player can embark. lands on a flat surface. At one time it can move a certain mass, different according to the chosen mode of transport. Each animal has a different weight and each individual of the species differs slightly from the other mass.
Animal catching process
To catch the animal you first have to pinpoint some/czyt. Locate/, then sleep them. Then approach it and put in the frame/some key/. The animal will be automatically transferred to the vehicle.
difficulty levels; Additional Challenge: Attacks
There are 2 difficulty modes: For brave and less courageous. In the brave mode there is an additional challenge: Some animals themselves begin to attack. The gun is used to defend against them. I will not elaborate here, just a fight.
Types of/etap planning environments, this will be more/EW. If necessary with descriptions//:
-North America,
-America Pd,
-Other planets/wiele environments/
-Other time-era/to what's above/
All of these are divided into even smaller areas that can only be embarked on missions. Examples: City, Jungle, Plains, Savannah, forest. Missions are not somehow divided. In total, they are not even there. These are simply expeditions.

First-person mode: otherwise referred to as guest or employee mode. In this mode, we move around the zoo as in most RPG games or FPS. With this option we can see what you see from a particular location, whether the road system is well designed etc. Another option is that we can put in the employee and feed, poic the animals and repair various equipment like a vending machine or water filter, and clean the garbage after the guests. If there were any additions, it would be added submodes: treser marine animals and fossil seeker. As if they weren't there, it's in the game and they will.

General view of the game: from the top, the bird's flight slightly angled. The map consists of tiny, almost invisible dots. Building a fence, we can choose several options, for example:
-Single, or fragments, drag the dots.
More detailed Description:
The map consists of many invisible dots. It is easy to enter the building fence by combining points.
Buildings and other objects occupy a certain amount of points, eg.

Ways of earning:
-Donations from guests: the happier the animals, the bigger the donations. Young also are welcome.
-Entrance tickets to the zoo: possibility to increase/decrease the price. Higher price = less guests, lower price = more guests.
-Fees for various attractions/booths, eg. A Jeep ride, a show of sea animals, a stand with food and drink.
-Grants for the Zoo: challenges, urban grants (more animals, bigger zoo, better treatment of animals = higher fee), grants for livestock release (greater risk of extinction = higher fee)
-Sale: Animals, zoo land, vehicles, etc.
Regular expenditure:
-Salaries of employees,
-Food, variety for animals,
-Delivery to booths, etc.
-/possible/current and water,
Irregular expenditure:
-Expeditions/czyt. Hunting/(Transport cost)
-Buying: Vehicles, equipment, weapons, etc.
-Construction of runs, buildings, zoo in general,
-Buying trees, stones, plants, etc.

In the game, the buildings perform various functions:
-Office: Allows you to conduct research. There are several types of offices:
Central: Allows you to research the other offices and the basic report. This office must be put first.
Financial: Allows you to research: land extension (enlargement), tax reduction, etc. Unlocks the DS report. Finance
ds. "Hunting"/version working name/: Allows you to research: new equipment, new locations, new modes of transport, etc.
ds. Safety: Allows you to research: new fencing, improvements to the equipment of caregivers, etc. It also unlocks the DOT report. Safety.
Customer Care: Allows you to research the dot. New guest facilities, unlocks the DOT report. Guest.
ds. Maintenance: Allows for testing: ushers, gardeners, better repairing machines, etc. Unlocks the DOT report. Maintenance
ds. Education: Allows you to build an educational center, research This center.
-Education Center: In short: Cinema. The player can watch the videos of dot. Endangered and species animal species, and research in the health office Education unlock further videos. Guests also come to this center, this is the most profitable building in the game.
-Food and drink stands: guests buy food and drink here. Examples: A restaurant, a shed with Fast food.
-Smaller objects: these include Benches and vending machines. Their task is primarily to satisfy the needs of guests.
-"excursion" buildings: e.g. Vehicle stations Jeep, line queue. Guests can go on a tour of the route. Their construction is done by building a road or a pillar.
-Booths, stands, souvenir shops: guests buy souvenirs that increase their level of entertainment.

-Basic report: Size of the zoo, staff (list, status, current classes), number of guests.
-Dot Report Animals: Number of animals, species, list, state.
-The DS report. Finance: Shows the loss and income of the zoo, the result in a plus/minus, detailing what how much money earns/takes.
-The DS report. Security: Shows messages about EW. Damage to fencing, a weaker fence from the required animal.
-The DS report. Visitors: Shows a list of guests, their needs and the current activity. Additionally, it shows in% satisfaction (or not) their needs.
-The DS report. Maintenance: Shows damage to vending machines, recent vandalism and the state of cleanliness of the zoo.

After you build a specific office, you can start a specific study. Each test costs money and time in the game. The tests can unlock specific building, locations etc, or give you some benefit.

Some of the younger guests of the zoo require a little off. Therefore, sometimes vandalism can be allowed and destroy the slot machines has a zoo. Such destroyed vending machines must be repaired by conservator, otherwise they will not be usable.

Hunger 0-100% shows if the dude is hungry. Hungry dude = less satisfaction.
Thirst 0-100% shows whether the guest is thirsty. Thirsty dude = less satisfied
Entertainment 0-100% shows how well the dude is playing in the zoo. The entertainment is satisfied by watching the animals (the exception is to watch the same species again, then you need to fall), rides or buying souvenirs.
A rest of 0-100% shows whether the guest is tired. The need for fatigue can be reduced by sitting on benches, etc. Tired dude will want to leave the zoo faster.
The satisfaction of 0-100% shows how much a visitor like the zoo. This is a summary of all needs and other factors. The greater the satisfaction of the more donations and the longer the visitor visited the zoo. If the level of satisfaction is low, the guest leaves less pledges (or not at all) and leaves the zoo faster.
The longer a guest walks around the zoo, the more money it spends.
Favorite Animal: Every guest has their favorite animal/animals, they will watch them most often and never get bored.
Cash Status: Shows the status of your pocket. In short: How much money you have. Money guests can download using an ATM.

-Caregivers: base. They deal with animals, feed them, poją and clean them. If necessary poskramiają them/shot with a gun on the Arrows hypnotic/.
-Ushers: Clean after guests: garbage from the ground and from the garbage cans.
-Gardeners: Organize the green area of the zoo.
-Maintenance: Repair damaged fences and vending machines.
-Guide: Speaks to guests from a special center or leads a group of guests. Thanks to it, guests leave more donations.
-/dodatek/trainer of the Sea animals: trains The sea animals to be able to appear in the show.
-/dodatek/paleontologist: Looking for fossil on the zoo grounds.

Animal needs:
Environment: Shows how well the animal feels on its catwalk.
Food: When you need a high level animal wants to eat something immediately. When it comes to 100% of the animal dies of hunger.
Thirst (in marine animals not present): Same as when hunger
Excretion: Shows the state of the digested animal food. When the need arises, 100% of the animal expels.
Purity: Shows how clean the animal is. To satisfy this need, the animals can wash themselves or the caregivers wash them.
Health status: Shows whether the animal is healthy or sick. The sick animal treats caregivers.
Satisfaction: General satisfaction of the animal. High satisfaction = Larger guest donations.

The Notice:
Q Throwing in kangaroo smoke grenade does not matter that this spanikuje and will flee?
O:Tak, roughly for that matter. However, it will be blind, which can result in a tree. This option can also płoszyć aggressive animals nearby.
Q Hunting can end in a fiasco?
O:Tak, when you die or you end up at your own volition.
Q Can you die, what are the consequences?
A: You can then remove a certain amount as a call to help, etc. from your account (in-game money).
P:Co happens as we kill the animal on which polowaliśmy?
O:Zwierze killed is an animal killed, you lose your prey. It may also be that you can be prosecuted for it and a big monetary penalty will be.
P:Jak Guns Drowsy, what sets it apart from the gun (except that the gun kills)?
O:Karabin drowsy resembles a little sniper rifle, but there is no viewfinder. After a shot and hit, the animal is asleep and asleep for a while. During this time you have to run up and the appropriate key to pack the crate. What sets it apart from a pistol? That it has a specified duration of action.

If you want to help or use the project write to the author!

The idea was rewarded with the Prison Architect game

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