Controversies in games

For some time I have been watching various information related to game controversies. Many games get behind moving sensitive topics, lack of political correctness or other things.

So what games are banned by the state or boycotted by certain groups of society? The most common is high doses of violence, political issues, sex, racism or swastika. Unfortunately, the sale of many games is blocked by different states for really trivial reasons. I heard that Minecraft had to be blocked in Turkey due to too much violence. Would it be reasonable? Is it prudent to mix the state in the game correctness? My known is not! Games should remain free from censorship, just like all other media. Quite another issue is that players who want to play something and so they will find the way.

There are also attempts to boycott games because of their content. For example, let's try to block the sale of the game Duke Nukem: Forever by feminists. Another example would be Tetris in which instead of bricks are black slaves. Unfortunately (in my opinion) it is sometimes that distributors or intermediaries are under such claims not to lose customers. Is it right? Hard to respond strongly. On the one hand, I can understand the bitterness of some people because of how some people or groups of people are portrayed in the games. On the other hand, I understand the rozżalenie of the creators when their freedom is limited. And here in my opinion is the limit: the freedom of one person ends in a place where he limits the freedom of another. The themes of the games can not hurt someone who does not play it. If there is something that you do not like, simply do not buy it.

The case is different when the reasons for the boycott are not the game itself, or a fraudulent play by the publisher or producer. Many people boycott Star Wars: Battlefront with a small amount of game elements and what is to come in the future, and it's been created. In other words, players got a demo in the price of a full game. I also support the boycott of games with DLC_Zero_Day that contain elements that influence the gameplay and the selling of games in beta, the so-called early access.

And what do you do to promote the controversy? After all such games is getting loud. If no information in the media would ever usłyszałbym about a game where we put black as a brick or take a shower with my dad. This may be something worth noting, but at the same time risky and perhaps short-sighted. People can link your brand precisely to this production, which in the long run can have negative consequences.

Freedom for gaming!

On sweeten movie with a list of banned games and a link to the next.

> LINK <

In the perspective of these events, it seems quite tempting to publish games using less standard platforms. Maybe The Pirate Bay? They managed to successfully sell music there in the system pay if you want or download for free.

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