Risk of Rain-review

Risk of Rain can be described as a platform-RogueLikeowo-action game. I do not like these terms… This is a platform shooter, where after the death we have to start the game again. We fight against many different opponents, and to help cast us are various finders that modify our attacks, health and give other interesting effects.

The pace of the game is sometimes dizzy, especially when you are chasing a bunch of opponents. It's easy to die, as the points of life can disappear within a fraction of a second. However, most of the time, we can easily control it with how opponents we want to face, or keep them at a distance.
The game is a lot of things that were to affect the replayability, ie the characters and items that we can unlock. Unfortunately, not all the characters I wanted to play, because it simply did not suit my style of play. I was also not particularly eager to have fun in unlocking all the items because I didn't know what to do, didn't know if it was worth it. During the game itself, this multitude and randomness of the items we find seems to sometimes interfere. I have not felt any control over how the game can turn, but it is one of those elements Roguelików for which people love this species. Number of maps on which we play also does not delight, and their design is limping heavily, and all crates, finders and exit is randomly placed at each new game, which forces us to search these maps every time. On the one hand it is a cool thing, because it gives a certain breath of freshness… However, it is still the same map. Likewise, the matter has bosses. They are randomly thrown at us, but they keep repeating because of their small numbers.
The game has a very interesting mechanics, which increases the difficulty of the game and the more time elapsed from pressing the button START. This forces the player to make certain decisions. The player can be on the map for a little longer to earn more gold and buy more upgrades, or quickly move on to the next board so that the difficulty level could not be increased.
The graphics are pixel and it is not a pixeloza that I like. It is too unreadable and is not pretty. It often happened to me that I could not read the description of the item being found due to low contrast with the background. Music for contrast is a piece of the championship, I didn't even want to mute it after a few hours.
In the game there are also multi and coop modes, unfortunately I had no with whom to test them:(

I think often… Despite these disadvantages, the game can suck and it's very. At least until you finish the game once or twice and check out several different characters. After this time, I no longer felt any curiosity or uncertainty about what I could encounter. Is it worth it? Rather, however, only in the promotion, because the usual price of $10 is a little too much for such a game.

+ Addictive (pending)
+ The multitude of Znajdziek
+ Characters and unlockable items
+ Music
+ Time is money… and difficulty
-/+ sometimes fast action
-/+ High randomness
-/+ Average Replayability
-Pixelowość does not help
-often unreadable descriptions of the Znajdziek
-but not enough content
-Design Map

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