Nice Pirates

As some people know, the fight against piracy often goes against the goal. DRM costs, is ineffective against pirates, and only annoys the people who bought the game. Why not reconcile with the pirates?

The pirate Bay has already proved that it can support the creators, but on their principles that seem to work to some extent. TPB promotes creators who are able to donate their work to the hands of buyers for free, or on the principle of pay as much as you want if you want. Pirates have already come out with campaigns to promote artists, mainly musicians and other artists… But what are the games, how not a piece of art, and their creators artists?
Of course this may not be the best way for big companies that have funds dedicated to marketing activities, but rather for small game developers who want to show a wider audience. There is nothing to prevent in their games to place advertisements, as the creators of mobile games, or to encourage players to buy the game after a little bit in it and they know that they do not buy a cat in a bag.
Another example of a fruitful brother to the "pirates" of the smaller calibre was Radiohead's share of Bittorencie. They made available one of their free downloadable songs, and the entire album could be downloaded for just $6. It should be recalled here that artists using the traditional route of distribution, i.e. CDs, only get about 2-5% of what the customer pays. Of course, with other channels of distribution the matter looks a bit different, however, this is not the artist usually earns the most, or rather the whole business built around them.
Nor can we forget the shares of the community of players who, without any encouragement, several times organized fundraisers for the developers of Games who wanted to donate their games for free.

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