The book Profession Tester

As the game designer should have knowledge of many aspects of making games tempted to purchase the book Profession Tester Radosław Smilgina. I bought the book rather in the dark after I saw that it is promoted to WARSZTAT.GD.

After reading I can state that the description of the book did not lied. It is intended for those starting a professional career, without specific plans or for those who want to know the profession of tester. I was quietly hoping to find out more about practical application testing and even games.
The author in the first part of the book defines what testing is, describes the methods used. In the next section, you'll find out more about how the tester works. What you can count on this career path and what it needs to prepare. The last part of the book is practical information about testing methods and some examples. Interestingly, the author in many places complains about this career path:)

Do I recommend this book? Not. Not because it is a poor book. Because the information contained there will not be useful for designing games.
If you are still interested, you can purchase it here:
Bookstore PWN

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