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Something recently arrived. We have never zastawialiśmy over what features should have a good game designer and what it really does. We will be here in the game for computer games.Game-Designer
Many people think that game designer deals with the collection of ideas for the game. This is not entirely true. Anyone can come up with a game. The same idea is too little to create a good game, good gameplay, and certainly not enough to think about yourself as a game designer. But certainly the head full of ideas for different games will help someone who thinks about a career in this profession. One thing that is distinguished by experienced designers is the invention of games that must meet certain assumptions and awareness of what limitations can have a specific idea.
One of the main tasks of the game designer is to forge an idea into the concept. This involves developing ideas, describing them, defining the goals of the game. That is, it is a description of the idea that a third party can understand what the game will be, what is in it and what will be done in it. My ideas for the games I put here on the site are just such concepts.

The most important role of the designer is to create exact documentation of the game, which is often called the Bible. This is a document that describes each element of the game, as exactly as it can. It is a tedious work that does not give much satisfaction. However, when you work in a larger team, together with programmers, graphics, Dźwiękowcami you will quickly understand the value of documenting everything. Without this, other people will not be able to understand the action of the game well, and thus will continue to dopytywać: "How should this work?" or they will do something like they think it should be. You can create these documents in a variety of ways. You can use plain text files for this purpose, but much more convenient and interactive may be to use the for or for example from wikis.

Prototyping. With the idea of the game and knowing its rules, the game designer is often responsible for the creation of a prototype, which is a version of the game that will make it feel the action of the contained mechanic. It doesn't have to be a digital prototype at all. If you can create it on paper, eg in the case of turn strategy games or card games. Creating a prototype does not need to implement all the mechanics, but only the most important ones that will be the essence of the game created.

Project supervision and customization. It is usually up to the role of game designer to ensure that what others create is in accordance with the documentation and the general idea. By the way, it should keep track of whether any element of the game does not adversely affect gameplay, and whether the game does not require any additional items that have not been included in the original project. In the case of such changes, the role of the designer is also to ensure that the game documentation is up to date. During the creation of the game, some of its parameters will probably require tuning. This can be, for example, changing the speed of vehicles or the life balance of a character.

What other skills, features, and experiences can the game designer have to do? It is certainly a perseverance, because you will be doing many boring things. Imagination is very important in order to predict how, in practice, some mechanisms may work. Creativity and ingenuity make your games not only clones of other games. These features are also useful for solving problems. Ability to work in a group. Communicative to convey others ' thoughts clearly. Drawing skills are very helpful, as you will often have to create sketches that will be the starting point for your graphic designers. Programming skills will help you to understand the performance of your games from the technical side, and therefore create better documentation. You should be able to create scenarios. Knowledge of psychology is also helpful. The passion for games and their knowledge is important for a good game designer.Giphy
It is hard to create a full list of features that the game designer should have, since it is a profession that requires even superficial knowledge of many, many fields. What is very happy in Poland arises courses of study, which are designed to educate future game designers. In the future I will try to create their list.

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