State machine – Game design Exercises

The state machine is a certain abstract in which we describe the passage of an object between different states. It is a very useful tool in the programming of games and in designing. It allows you to illustrate possible transitions between states using a simple graphical form, which are diagrams.

When designing a game, you will often use the state machine, because it is useful in many cases. Using the diagram, you can specify what menu windows can move the player or what states can take the character in-game and, importantly, what conditions must be met to change the state.
For example, let us play Super Meat Boy. In this game the character Mięsoludka can be located in several states: resting, running, fast running, jump, fast jump, wall slip and death (I write from memory, I could skip something). The character can pass from the gear in a fast run, then in the jump. Each of these states differs, for example, in flight, the control of the character is slightly limited, and when the slide can not move to the right or left.

Below is an illustration of a very simple machine-state form, and a little further more complicated.State-flowchartJPm2rQX

Your task will be to develop a machine of state characters for the known game. Try to choose a known game, yet not very complicated. Zamieszczajcie Your work here:
On the 24th of January (Sunday) we will meet on the TS, whose address is on the menu to the right. Then we will discuss what przesłaliście, and talk more deeply about the state machine itself.

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