The smell of winning

I wonder how many times you happened to play a game in which from the victory divided you millimeters/one round/one move. What kind of feelings did it call you?

I shoot that you were even more motivated to try again. It is a mechanism that works well in many games… And not just those virtual ones. This is one of the reasons why gambling is so addictive. This fragrance of a close victory. On this mechanism, his success was based, for example, Game Candy Crush. Playing it often you will notice that a little bit and you won… And at this point you are offered the opportunity to buy just those few moves. And people are buying it! They are willing to pay because they know that paying will be able to complete this level. There is also an additional mechanism, which is to encourage the player to re-attempt to beat the board, even when this does not decide to pay, this mechanism is a certain randomness. The overall layout of the board does not change, but the objects that I fill are completely random, so the player hopes that this time he lucky. And when it consumes all the life that is foreseen for him… Additional information is available.

The mechanism of victory odor is used by many games, because it is a great motivation for the player to stay at the game and try again.


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