Ori and the Blind Forest-review

The Ori ori…

I'm not sure how to start discussing this game exactly. As you have already noticed, I like to stop grom some design flaws, even in those productions that I like. Here I had to think well about what I could do to make it unsubstantiated.

The atmosphere of the game is overwhelming. Very quickly I liked the main character of the game, which is a small luminous creature. His story is learned in a nice. We learn in him that our creature was takened and raised by a strange foresty bbw, after the death of which we embark on a journey. At this point, we enter the game.

We travel through the forest and caves, along the way we fight with spiders, birds, glutami and other strange creatures. I do not want to write much about graphics, or music and sounds in the game, because these are made on a master level. The graphics are adorable and at the same time worrying. Music constantly called in me to teach loneliness. This was probably due to an echo, which can be heard by many actions in the game.

In Oriego I played on the PC using a mouse and keyboard, what struck me was the simplicity of control. People who have ever played in any action games, shooters or platformers will appreciate the klawiszologię of this game. The form is controlled extraordinarily intuitively. Putting fingers on the charge under the Thumb Lands space bar, which is responsible for jumping, and under a small finger will find the shift, which is responsible for special actions. Shooting is where I expected it-under the left mouse button, and under the right button we have a special jump, at which you need to specify the direction of reflection. Simplicity and convenience.

The in-game Tutorial is made… Yes, masterfully again. The whole game is one great tutorial. With the game world wandering, every now and then we gain new skills, which we learn one after another. We are not attacked to excess news. New mechanics are introduced only after the previous ones have been mastered. New skills are supported by the map design, which has been arranged with various finders, which will be accessed only when through our progress in the story we unlock new moves. My only complaint about this game appears here. To move the game in 100%, which is to collect all the finders, we often have to take long journeys through already known areas. This could be solved by placing a simple quick-travel system between certain locations in the game.
The impression of progress, increased strentumblr_ncydjmtSDJ1t7b5qro1_1280gth and character development additionally support skill points for which we unlock some improvements to our creature.

What more can I say. This is one of the better games in which I had the last chance to play. The standard price of 20euro is in my opinion a tad too high. However, the promotion, which you can meet on Steam: 12euro is a very good price. Ori and the Blind Forest ladies and gentlemen. It is worth playing for fun and to see how the game was designed.

+ Climate
+ Graphics
+ Sound and music
+ Control
+ Tutorial
+ Development System
+/-Level Design
-not able to quickly move around the map.
-optimization, had some frame decreases.

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