Green Sea-A description of the fantasy region

The gate of the Great Wall behind us, and before us the green sea, and more precisely what is left of it. I have mentioned it, probably, that the green may not have long stretched until the guards Bay. Later, there was an explosion of mountains in which a large part of northern lands was underwater, and the three United kingdoms decided to fence off the wall from the looming immigrants crossing the green sea. The northern part of the area retained its old name, while the south was renamed Honey Fields. These areas belong to a country called Baste Ferie, whose capital – Yellow stronghold lies on the river Komolerią, which is the northern end of the green Sea. It is…. Hmmm… Probably rather was a very quiet and picturesque land. Unfortunately, its plains have recently come in various disasters.

Start with a elementals of fire. Szmuglerzy who have been out walled from their customers, and by the way of wanting to stay away from the curious eyes of the guards began to look for an easy transition to the other side. So rented a few dwarves to dig up some tunnels that would run under the wall. Of course, the patrols of Pandora after some time Odnajdywały the exit from the tunnels, then wysadzały them into the air, Zalewały water or zasypywały, which enforced the construction of new passages. Recently, occurred an accident. During excavations, miners came across the magmową chamber, which was inhabited by elementals fire. These saw the chance to freedom quickly set off to the surface of the scorching countryside. They also felt that a few miles to the east are the oil wells, which would be a great source of energy for them. It is obvious that the Baste Ferie could not allow the destructive elementals to do their lands what they like. To fight them involved Kopaczy company, which was downloaded here from the great Jaru to dig a channel to flood the tunnel from which they come elementals. In addition, lands to the west of the road leading from the city catchers plowed to hinder the movement of fire. Five mages of water were recruited to actively fight the Żywiołakami by throwing appropriate spells. Unfortunately, the situation seems to be quite nasty. Neither Żywiołakom fails to go further, nor all the rest of smother panoszących here Ogniołaków.

A little further north of all the hustle and bustle lies the city of catchers. It is a very fresh settlement that began as a slave hunter's camp. This business, however, provided such revenue that the place quickly evolved into a thriving city. Local "businessman" mostly dabble in the hunt for immigrants, who could not afford to pay the passage through the wall, and then reselling them mainly on the Claw peninsula or new chance. The origins of this settlement were quite turbulent, because the village of the slave hunters was disgusted by the włodarzom of Yellow clan, but the money was doing. In return for tribute the city prospers not niepokojone by anyone. Only occasionally Przypałęta a foe, a defender of freedom, or another madman who quickly lands in Dybach. The whole city rozbudowałoed around the big central Market, where a live merchandise arranges every week. There are also three main clans that manage business in the vicinity of the centre. In addition, uraczymy here what and in many other similar cities-brothels and inns. An interesting thing here is a well-equipped hospital, which mainly deals with the study of slaves and checking their suitability.

To the east of the town, the oil catchers are located with a small refinery, which converts the extracted oil, which is mainly sold to the long north, where it supplies the machines and illuminates the city. Further to the east we will not go, there is a great start to the very beginning. I'll take you there another time.

Let's go back to the west and mińmy the city of catchers and the channel to sail the water to Pohybel Żywiołakom and reach the military-science camp. The heavy machines and scientists gathered here are supposed to assist in the investigation of anomalies, and the military is officially in case for protection. Rumour, however, is that through Wiru you can quickly create a portal to any place in any world. Damn, however, knows what is happening there, they do not admit anybody outsided there.

Farther west there are already only the oak forest about a charming and how full of a flight named: Oaks. This is not a very interesting place, OT simply fully squirrels.

As I've probably mentioned… Kennel FUC Memory is already disappointing. In any case, I will say again. The northern border of the green Sea is determined by the Komoleria. It is a very lazy river. Its source is at the geysers, just on the edge of the Great wilderness. Her upper part is full of fish, but the place of connection with the Clara of her water stinks so much that the animals are holding from afar. I also do not advise you to drink from it. It is full of mercury and sulphur. So… It is from here that the yellow strongholds are coloured.

Zbierajmy. If you do not we before dark, we will have to stay here in the box. The bridge at the Yellow clan is lifted overnight. Come on now…

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