Blurring the differences between game genres

For several years, the limits between game genres are blurred. Elements of RPG Games we find in pierwszoosobowych shooters, and the turn, which were the domain of the strategy to enter the platform. I also omit to mention that some species are extremely difficult to define. Why is this happening? The answer is trivial-the world goes ahead and with it the game industry. Everything is changing.

In my opinion, it is time to postpone the rigid determination of game genres, as they no longer carry this information once. Rather, we need to pass on defining what the game contains and what it brings. Quite well coped with this Steam. There are many different tags that determine the game. This is a convenient solution when you want to search for a title that contains specific content.

and is the mere blurring of differences good? It's great! Demonstrates that game developers can stir well in garncu.
By the way I recommend you to check out the game Ronin. This is a game Turowo-platform-Skradankowo-action… You see the senselessness of such a game determination:)
I would add that this is a Polish product.
> > Ronin on Steam < <

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