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Money – a product recognised as a result of general agreement as a means of economic exchange in which the prices and values of all other goods are expressed. As a currency, it circulates anonymously from person to person and between countries, facilitating trade. In other words, it is a tangible or intangible measure that can be exchanged for goods or services. A legally defined means of payment which may express, store and convey a value closely linked to a real social product


Let's think how money works in games with a special focus on MMO games.
In many games there are various currencies: gold, dollars, simoleons or caps. With them, players exchange all goods. Unfortunately, the performance of a well-functioning economy in the game is not an easy task. I do not give any solution here, how well to design the circulation of money in the game world, because much depends on what is the game. I will try to expose a few mechanisms and risks related to the game currency.

Every game in which money occurs57842168_Money_Fort_xlarge has its source and its mouth. The sources of Sąmechanikami, through which money is created in the game, and the mouths (or departs) are called mechanics, which eliminate the currency from the circulation – simple. In single player games, the creation of a well-functioning money is not particularly complicated. When you notice that players accumulate too large amounts of cash during the test phase, it is usually enough to adjust prices, taxes, or revenue reductions. In most MMOs, and especially MMORPG games, the creators do not have such direct control over what happens to the economy, so the currency often loses value quickly – followed by hyperinflation. Why is this happening?
Take a look at where gold is taken from the Wow, but you have to remember that I have not played this game for quite a long time. Every time you kill Mobka you get a few dimes or an item. In addition, you can collect various resources around the world. So breaking through hordes of enemies by the way you increase the amount of cash in Azeroth, which in turn translates to its lesser value. To control inflation, Blizzard has introduced many different places for gold. Additional slots in the bank, repair items, quick podrożę, learning new skills. All these mechanisms, however, did not prevent inflation, but only down it. So? I think that the focus was not enough on the players who generowali the greatest amount of gold, that is, those who had already bought everything they needed from the NPC and started to pump their money into the world through the market. How can i solve this problem? You need such players to offer something expensive for what they will want to spend their savings, preferably something that usable to create a permanent cash outflow place from the market. Temporary buffs, super potions.
Guild Wars 2 gives players the opportunity to buy premium currency for gold, so players always have to spend their funds. In addition, the currency of the game has been associated in this real world. A similar mechanism has been used in Aion, where we can make a purchase of premium account through the savings.
What happens when a currency becomes useless when dealing with other players? Players will look for something that will replace what the money designer proposed. This was the case in Diablo2, where the role of money was replaced by the Stone of Jordan. However, only until this item began to be copied by scammers, which lost value. It is Orcjumpworthwhile to plan the economy before starting game. Changes in the course can be very difficult. For example, if you want to modify the droprate of your opponents you will certainly encounter a wave of criticism from the players. You will also increase the imbalance of assets between those who are on the acquis and those who have already had.

You need to mention how spreading (on raw materials that you can use in Crafcie) items affects the market. Giving players the appropriate motivation to destroy items in the form of interesting and cost-effective options crafting you that they will do so, and thus these items will not be exchanged for cash. In addition, parts derived from the distribution may be an element that will positively drive exchanges between players.

An example of a well-designed economy in the game is EVE. The main element of POWSTRZYMUJĄCYM inflation is the ship's costs. I recommend you play in this game.

I'll come back for a moment GW2 it, because it has one more curiosity. Auction House has the possibility to issue offers of sales and purchase offers. This makes for a certain degree of clarity in the market. Players know for how much someone is willing to sell a particular item, and for how much to buy. This prevents a certain degree of price fluctuation.
On this page > > you can see how the prices of all items looked like. It's easy to see the inflation slowly advancing here.

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