Scott Rogers ' book – Tap and drag

Tap and drag is a book for people who don't have game design experience. The author focuses on basic and very general design considerations, especially in relation to touch devices.

Since the book is intended for ' 'świerzaków ', it does not include a lot of industry jargon, and if already, it is appropriately translated. In general, the text is very approachable and the following chapters are flying us fairly quickly.
Scott describes many different genres of games, draws attention to their elements, trying to make the reader understand their role. We will get here ready rules according to which we can quickly design a very simple game.
An interesting part of the book are interviews with several game designers. You can find out how their career path looked, what makes them difficult, and how they solve them.
Something that I didn't really like was the descriptions of the games, the most popular ones in which everyone, or almost everyone had already had the chance to play. Unfortunately, the author does not use these descriptions to help the reader understand some things. They just are; I do not know why. Another thing that threw me quickly into the eyes was Scott's concentration on Apple's devices and on the games that we could run on these devices. Unfortunately, the author virtually omitted other platforms. This is in my opinion a big pity, because users of different systems differ slightly between themselves.
I also took the impression that the author on the strength of Upychał in the book jokes, pictures and other factually irrelevant texts.

450598-352x500Is it worth reading? Yes, but provided you have no other book that treated about the basics of game design… Not only on touch devices.

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