Quick interview with the designer

Today, especially for you, a fast Wywiadzik with some mobile game designer, who, however, did not want to brag about his name.

Where are you looking for ideas for games or mechanics that you use?

The most common observation of the world around. While the games that happen in workbook are already unfashionable for 10 years, we can always suggest sports, animals, films (eg. SAW), and sometimes it is inspired by a game that has the potential but it is poorly made and slightly processed it.

Do you often abandon your ideas after a deeper analysis?

Ideas are discarded after consulting the whole team, if the majority of the votes are on there then the idea goes to the drawer and waits for better times. Never abandon your ideas.

How do you test your ideas and how much time do you spend on it?

Creating a playable prototype is a matter of one day. Then we all test it for a few hours and talk about how this game can look a week. Then there are unusual solutions, etc.

What gives you the greatest satisfaction in this work and in designing games?

When I see graphs popularity and this is when I see how the game attracts for more than 5 minutes. In addition, money is very rewarding.

What do you consider the greatest challenge when designing games for touch, mobile?

What looks beautiful on the board doesn't always look good on a 4 inch display. When it comes to designing games it is designed to be the same regardless of platform. It's kind of like an architect. He invents how to look like a building, and designers will already take care of how it is to be placed. The same for games. The idea is one thing, and UX and programming are the other.

How do you deal with the rest of the team? Does it often happen to arguments about the projects you work on? 

I go to the developer room and I say I have an idea. Unless they are playing in Hearthstone, they are even able to look in my page, I draw, and talk about it together. Arguments has not yet been. I am very happy that they trust me about the design, and I trust them for programming. They do not teach me to design, I am not teaching them to program on strength

Do you often think that the concept of the game is evolving during its creation?

All projects evolve during development. Not yet happened to do the game, which from the beginning is like I invented it.

How important is it to design the game before you start programming it? 

I would say in 80% of cases is important. It happens that on the basis of one trick you can make the game. e.g. You start by doing a trick with reversing the time or stopping it and makes the rest of the stuff.

I had the opportunity to play Arrow and bouncing Ball games. I noticed that the difficulty level is quite high there. Wouldn't obawiałeś that it might scare some of the players?

Easy to learn hard to master. This is just a game geared towards a certain part for profit. In a sense, we force players to view the advertisement. No matter if look video to be reborn, or die and look another ad. However, it cannot say that the game is unfair. You are always able to beat your record. When designing a game, be sure to stop increasing the difficulty level. Flappy is just hard from the start. We're trying to make a minimal learning curve so that you can grasp the mechanics for the first minute of the game. Later this is actually the game about which we mean. I was not afraid. We have a few people in the company unrelated to Gamingu and it is on them just tested what is to fly to the publisher. Since they are attracted for this for 10 minutes it is enough. Usually they come later with their phones to install them.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to be a game designer? What about. You are the key skills that you should have a candidate for a game designer?

If someone wants to try a game of design can try to make their own card game. At the beginning of the Najzwyklejsze card. possibly Planszówka. Since it is able to make a game that can be completed and dressed in a story, it may go a step further and do play on the current. There is no such thing as key skills. Game Designer is not a fighter pilot to have a great eye and all the teeth. It is good when the designer knows something about programming. He knows what it might require from others.

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