Oxenfree Game Review

A long time I had no ciarek on the hands because because of a game I frightened and held in constant uncertainty. I have not felt that I > a meaningful conversation with other characters in the game. Long time I did not feel that I did not pay for quite short as if there was no game.

And speech is about Oxenfree. I will not say what is happening in this game, because I do not want you to spoil the pleasure of the personal discovery of the plot. I'll just say it's worth it. However, I will focus on the technical parts of the game and as usual I will try to stumble over the game its mistakes… and point out some very interesting solutions applied to it.

First, the game focuses on the dialogues and used here really one of the best systems with which I was in contact. The characters almost non-stop discuss with each other, and we can often push their three cents in the discussion… But we don't have to. With your words, we can stop talking to others, or steer it to other tracks. I have not felt so naturally talking to other characters in the game. I must by the way add that all the dialogues are spoken, not written, so we focus on the game and not on the reading. This carries a minus, ie to enjoy the game you need to know English in a very good way, otherwise thread with fun. The dialog options appear in specific places of discussion and are always four, and one of the choices is no action. These choices only appear on the screen at the moment, which meant that moments had a problem with their quick reading and definitely what I wanted to say. Several times have also happened that some of the dialog options kept somewhere outside the screen.

As the main aspect of the game are just conversations the world after which we are moving was created to give them a full expand. The paths after which we go are elongated in such a way that we have completed a chat before we get to the next board or some important element. Because we move only on the designated roads, control and navigation are very simplified, but sometimes had some problems with the blocking of the characters on the elements of the environment.

The climate of terror perfectly complements the graphics, which gives the impression of a brush and great work of the camera, which is constantly moving gently, which makes the impression that something is wrong in the world presented to us.

I can't mention the Udźwiękowieniu of the game. It simply knocks and often spices about shivers on your hands. In the game, we also get a portable radio through which we can catch music from local transmitters. Faj… Terrible thing.

I think you can still mention the fact that the game has several possible endings and in a very interesting way encourages us to know them. He simply presents us with our accomplishments against other players and tells us: you have brought this to completion, as did 90% of the other players. It convinced me and I'm going to jump again in this game, and it will help me the length. It can be completed in something about three hours… Although I am not entirely sure, because playing this game I lost in time.Beach1

I wanted to paste here as usual a movie from the game… But this time I do not do this… Seek alone, or play, you must be enough screenhot.

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