Wastelands Baste Ferie-Region description

At Najsampierw I will tell you about the rivers in the region, and there are three. Komoleria located in the south is the longest one. In the course of his slow, in the upper part abundant in fish and constituting a house of many other animals. However, its lower part is poisoned by the river Clare, which out various poisons from hungry swamps, mainly sulphur and mercury compounds. Rather advise against bathing in it. In the north we have a stinking ribbon that laboriously winds through the wastelands. Its waters are dark green and resemble a very rare mush through the przerośniętych of algae. The vegetation of the ribbon flourishes thanks to the giberelinom wypłukiwanym of the swamps. This water, however, is even more computing than Klara, but for some other reasons. Many times I have heard stories about travelers tired of the expedition through the deserts, who wanted to satisfy the desire here, and became victims of Mittenów – great toads that just waiting for such lunch.

Let's finally get to the Yellow clan. On the south side of the Komolerii is a lonely tower from which one half of the bridge is left, and through the base of which you have to go to get to the other side. Passing by this way, please note that you are walking on the wooden floor and the big boulders are hanging above you. This is a zmyślna trap prepared in case of assault on warownię. Under the wooden floor there is a short canal filled with water from the river. At the time of attack the boulders are cut off the floor, cutting off access to the tower and on the occasion of crushing and throwing the attackers into the poisonous depths.

Before entering the bridge stands three clad in slightly worned armor soldiers. They deal with charging from travellers from the South who want to cross the river. Going through the abandoned bridge you can see that the whole stronghold is yellow due to the deposit of sulphur compounds on it. The stench of the river receives speech.

By entering the castle courtyard you can see several stalls with food, useful items on the road and gifts related to Baste Ferie-mostly small badges with two lions; One red and the other white on a yellow background – the coat of arms of the country. Around the central square are places such as the Inn, the barracks of soldiers, the stables and the warehouses. There is one building, much richer than the rest. It is the seat of the rulers of the country, two twin brothers who, however, are not at all alike. The first of these Inferiuss has fiery red hair and complexion, the second one – Eire is albinosemed with the furious white eyes. If you have not already sensed it, the entire city surrounds the magic aura. The twins do not fall behind the spells, and the law that they have established says that in order to use magic, it is necessary to purchase the appropriate permission. Let's move further west. Coming out of the fortress passed three more soldiers who charged fees from people coming from the north.

Dębe is today a podupadająca settlement with a military history, which has its better years behind. Once there was a fairly large shipyard producing large ships. After the mountain explosion, however, the Sea of tears was practically cut off from the rest of the water, as the serene isthmus became too shallow for any ship. The life of the settlement now revolves around supplying stocks to ships stationed in the northern part of body, in the vicinity of the old God. This involves an interesting story, which I will try to summarize in a few sentences. Vaer-to was one of the Prademonóws, calling himself a god, requesting the blood tribute of a monster. After centuries torment found a hero who managed to defeat and seal the beast in some not quite clear way. The descendants of this man are precisely the ruler of Baste Ferie. Vaer-but still trying to break zniewalającą tether him, for this reason, for just a few hundred years stationed here the ships on which the priests live daily to repair rituals that renew the seals.

Moving from Dębe to the north you'll come across a green marina. It is rather a small fishing-artisanal settlement. Mainly glass dishes are produced with the addition of various more or less magical ingredients and potions from plants coming from the stinky ribbon. Hit in recent years is produced here heavily diluted poison, which can be found in blisters on the back of Mittenów. Injected into the skin perfectly smoothes it. This one invention made the settlement more than doubled over the past few years.

Let now on the East Road along the ribbon until we reach the area of the bridge. Do not schodź here under any circumstance from the path. Notice that all around you can see Okrągławe recesses in the ground. Lurk in them a desert-a nasty monsters waiting underground for anything that will have bad luck to get close to them. These bigger ones are able to suck the horse into the ground and then slowly eat it alive. Under the neighboring Bridge live an ogre, which people are not familiar with the theme called a troll because of where he lives and what it does. It is true that he lives under the bridge, repairs it and gets tribute for the passage, but it's ogr, not a troll! People too much believe in fairy tales, and too little are trying to find out about the world around them.

Further east is the Hungry swamp. Do not let there; I'll tell you just about it. It is a treacherous place where there is no way to distinguish a hard substrate from the bottom of a filled breją. On the downside, they live there utopce lurking on whatever they manage to catch and suck into the water and drain the energy. And if that were not enough, it is the hunting grounds of Harpies, which live on the cliffs on the edge of the Great wilderness. You really don't want to go there. For this stinks there mercilessly.

To the south of the swamp are the star craters. This place was created in an interesting way. Once there was a part of the Great wilderness, which the local people also called the forest at the bottom. A few hundred years ago something happened, which completely changed the place. From the sky fell stars completely destroying the neighborhood. For decades there is nothing grown, also avoid animals is unhumane. There wonder, however, everyone who came close to it quickly began to get sick. The mysterious ailment caused vomiting, convulsions, skin hemorrhages-nothing pleasant. After many years of the Earth began to emerge the radiant clean white light of plants, and in the next few years began to observe the animals here. However, they were not "normal". Their shapes resembled those animals that once lived these lands, but were made of luminous fibres. Several people also reported the great luminous structure they saw in one of the craters. However, it is difficult to confirm these reports, because these areas are still not friendly to all normal creatures.

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