Learn to be a gamer friend

As you should know the player should not be someone who in the game you throw only logs under your feet, or rather someone who you want to help. The Problem is that the designers happen to forget about it as a result of which we get the game too difficult, unbalanced, having many unnecessary przeszkadzajek.

I have for you some interesting method of how to befriend the players.

RPG game! However, I mean the former, in which it is at the common table collect enthusiasts group to experience different adventures. I think in these games hides the cognition of good relationship designer (game master) with the player. Although you should take part in such a session as a master. You will have the opportunity to plan an adventure for your friends, put them in it, be a guide and react to their actions.Rpg

In these your reactions lies the crux. Players sometimes will do silly things that inevitably could bring the disaster to them, and you, because of the fact that you do not want the game to end too early will create some situations that will be their troubles to draw, you will bend The system for the fun to continue! This experience should be transferred to the creation of electronic games. I know that you can't really react to what the player is doing, but you're certainly able to predict some things and help him as much as you can. After all, you wanted your friends to reach the end of the journey, they won great treasure, discovered the dark history of the castle or whatever you have prepared for them. Why would it be otherwise the game is divided into the monitor?

Of course there is also the other side of the coin. When you're too helpful, the player will feel that you are solving all problems for him. He will not have the satisfaction of podołał great challenges alone, without help. How many design issues like this and this requires a lot of tact and feeling… and this can only help you understand the feelings of the player.

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