How do I start designing games?

At the beginning is something about this read… No but you're here, so I assume you have it already behind you:)

Your second task should be to supply a scrapbook and a pencil to save ideas that will come to your mind in the most unpredictable moments.

The first phase of game design should be gathering ideas for mechanics, characters, screenplay. It's worth saving some interesting thoughts even if you don't know what you can do with them at the moment. Over time, they can show you in a different light and take more precise shapes.

Do not rwij to accurately describe the first idea that comes to mind, only having a certain base of concept you can go to try to determine how the game should eventually look like. Describe its main aspects. Whether it is a 3d game, or is it a platformer, maybe something else. Do not be afraid to use certain references to other games, which are known to a wider audience, in the event that you want to present your idea of a third party, such a reference will make it easier to imagine what you meant.

With the concept of the game, you have to sleep with it in general. Give yourself a few days to rethink it. Consider whether the story you came up with will be a coplay with mechanics. Think about what will involve the player, play it or give it a challenge. Imagine the game's progress, how its elements are to work, and interact with each other. If you work alone, answer the question: Did podołam such a project? and by working in a group think about whether your team will give advice. Identify your weaknesses and strengths and build on this design. With no experience in design, give your game a stunning graphic style, while being a super programmer without a talent for painting, you can always use symbolic graphics.
This brings me to a quote from one of my favorite books:

Whoever knows the enemy and knows each other will not be endangered, even in a hundred clashes. 
Who does not know the enemy, but knows each other, sometimes will win, 
And the other time will be defeated. 
Whoever knows neither the enemy nor himself, inevitably bears the defeat in every battle.
Sun Tzu

Now it's time to start describing the project accurately. It may be a good idea to set up a wiki where you can create separate sub-pages of the game, and if they are linked, simply add a link. I am rather not a proponent of creating ordinary documents due to the problematic navigation. Usually, the best method is to move from general to detail. Game descriptions try to Okrasić certain diagrams, drawings and graphs, which will help you understand how it has everything to work and look like. Here you will find some basic drawing skills and familiarity with UML. Try to determine the individual game features as key, important, not important, etc. This will help you to create a prototype and in the later phase of the game production, when it appears that the creation of some element of the game did not have enough time or funds. I know that defining something over the invention of what you spent a few days as a little important may not be pleasant, but it is practical. Continue to describe the secondary elements of the game, such as items, cars, weapons, NPCs. Create a list of them and try to define their properties in general. Do not try to specify the exact numerical parameters of the game in this place, as you will probably be forced to change them several times. For cars, you just need to specify a fast or faster X, and in the case of weapons, "inflicts a lot of damage."

If your game has a storyline, it's a great time to save. Your way to the game story is useful. It allows you to better empathize in what is happening on the screen. It does not have to be particularly developed. Look at AngryBirds, in this story game is limited to one sentence: the pigs stole the birds eggs, so the birds try to recover them. Simple.

It should be enough to start with.

Finally, the last two councils:
Do not pull yourself off the sun hoe. In the beginning, design a simple game, despite the fact that you already have an idea to hit all the time.
Keep that the documentation is up-to-date, especially during the prototyping phase, where many elements of the game may vary.

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