The idea of the game, its evolution and the problem with the construction of vehicles

The idea of the game about which I want to tell you has evolved very much from your birth. His main premise in the beginning was to give the player as much freedom in constructing his vehicle, and this came from my discussion with his brother about WoT tanks. We lacked more freedom there in the ability to set up armor and mechanisms inside the tank.

In the following sections I will discuss how to evolve further elements of the game.

At the beginning of the game was to happen in an unspecified future on the destroyed Earth and this element was preserved. Wastelands, raging hurricanes, bomb craters. Generally describe style as Postapo cyberpunk. However, there was no certainty about how this world should be presented to the player. The first idea was to have the players have their camps somewhere on the ground, and in the place of action they were getting through some tunnels to different corners of the globe, so that you can visit the cities, deserts, tundra where to play the battle between Teams, as is the case in WoT. Quickly, however, gave up, because it did not fit here to move to such a long distance from some not specific maps, and also the selection by players of placements very would create balanced battles. Another idea was to download the mechanics of matchmaking from tanks, but in the game I wanted to include vehicles, whose purpose would be mainly to collect raw materials and vehicles with extremely different capabilities, such as very fast or very Armored. These assumptions meant that matchmaking would make little sense, or would be extremely difficult. Finally, I came to the conclusion that a large open world could well be checked in such a game. To entice a player to fight for certain territories, the game would still some events, such as the passage of the armoured train with resources or storming the city or the fort. The mechanics of the fight would be supported by dividing the world into factions that walczyłyby for control. In the game, there were 4 resources: Credits used for everything, metal, composites and electronics.
The world will be zasiedlany not only by vehicles players. There will also be infantry, which will operate mainly in cities, or host ambushes in the wilderness. Occupied bases will be planted with different types of guns. The sky with a rare patrol will rozklekotane planes.

Player development and PVP
The first idea was to make the player gaining materials on the battlefield producing ever-newer and more powerful vehicles that could change over time. This idea could not survive in this form in a game that has a large, open world. I still stayed with the idea of gathering materials by players so that players can build vehicles from them. Material sources would be destroyed by enemy vehicles, landfills or cities. The establishment of such points of production of raw materials naturally creates inflammatory places where players will fight each other. In order for the player to respect their vehicle, I decided to make the system slightly close to what we have in WoT, i.e. the destroyed player's vehicle is blocked until it is repaired, which should last about 5-10 minutes. A player can have several vehicles in his garage that he has created or purchased. In addition, the game would a basic vehicle that would not be blocked for the duration of the repair in order not to interrupt the player's play. I also think about the introduction of unique vehicles that can be destroyed only a few times, and then disappear from the player's garage.

The very progress of the player's ability to develop is not at levels that are earned over time, but on something that I would call a wheel of skills, vehicles, equipment, etc. During the game, the player receives points for performing various activities, such as defeating a certain distance, reaching the place, killing the enemy, taking part in a city attack. The points earned in this way could be used to discover a new type of vehicle or a new skill of your character.


Mad Max

Vehicle construction
It was the largest nut to crack, because it is not simply impossible to give the player almost unlimited control over how to build their vehicle and by the way to preserve the meaning of the structure and the climate Postapo Cyberpunku. In the first ideas there was the idea to provide the player with the chassis, which will be able to create a solid vehicle, determine the thickness of the armour in each place and set all internal and external modules where he likes it. Such a solution would result in the emergence of vehicles that did not actually make any sense or would be simply ridiculous. Take on the game Robocraft, where you can have a close encounter with the strzelającym lasers toilets. It totally destroyed the game's climate. The second idea was to create some of the starting vehicles that the player could modify with some extent by changing the thickness of the armour, adding the plates and arranging the modules in the middle. What limited the player would be the load carrying capacity of the vehicle suspension and engine power. This idea has also fallen away from the mundane reason: any positioning of objects in the vehicle makes no sense from a technical point of view. I did not want the players to put the engines on top of their vehicle, or created other unnatural 'potworki '. The end of the end I decided on a compromise: ready-made vehicles with slots in which you can insert specific modules. Imagine a pickup, which has a slot on pace, which can be mounted on the gun, solar panel, rocket launcher a generator or simply enlarge the space of cargo, which will collect more material. In the engine slot we can put an electric or combustion engine, which will of course have different characteristics and requirements. In addition, in external slots, the player will be able to put armour plates to secure the vehicle to some extent, but significantly increase its weight. This is probably a most solution that will allow the player to a fairly large box of manoeuvre and allow the designer to keep the game control over how the vehicles will behave and look.

Examples of vehicle modules and their use:
The internal combustion engines have different power levels and are prone to damage and for example overheating. It needs fuel, which is usually stored in the tank or in additional tanks – such as drums at pace pickup. Fuel tanks can be fired because they cause leakage and create a risk of ignition.
Electric motors typically have less efficiency than combustion, but are powered by current that can be obtained with solar panels or stored in batteries. During the fight, the panels and batteries may become damaged, making them less functional. Some types of vehicles will be able to install a power generator that will be fuel powered.
Guards and shields will be changed by the player by selecting the zone of the vehicle to be modified and then determining what type of armor (if any) is to be placed there. The armour has its own weight, just like any other part of the vehicle, so the player will have to carefully choose whether he wants to devote mobility to protect.
Different types of weapons with different parameters. From guns, cannons, missiles and flamethrowers to lasers and plasmas. Each weapon will have its own specific ammo, which may end the player while traversing the raize. Special accidents are electrically powered lasers and other energy weapons, the use of which can make the power run out of the electric motor.
For this in the game there will be different types of gadgets such as masking devices, mines, drones, etc etc.

The variety of vehicles should be large, and each vehicle can be equipped with slightly different things. It is known that the great truck will be easier to fit the laser cannon, and on the small car obsadzimy only rifle. Examples of vehicles are light buggies, pickups, trucks, vans, tanks, tractors, ordinary osobówki, antique classics, armoured transporters, generally everything we meet and today.

The game which I wrote here consists in driving a player-modified vehicles after the post-apocalyptic wastelands of the open world while fighting with other players. To this I specific ways of developing the player's capabilities. It is not excluded that the idea will constantly evolve… See!

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