Cheating in single-player games

Are you playing games Oszukiwaliście ever? I do not mean to steal money in monopoly:) Have you ever oszukiwaliścieed in a single game using cheats, trainers or any other fancy cheat? I shoot that each of us once did. So I want to put the question: Should we give the player the opportunity to deceive (himself)?


So? The player has probably purchased your game or is looking for ads. Why would you cut it away from what you paid for? If a player wants to jump a piece of the game, it probably has some reason for this. Perhaps the story is more interesting to him than the long hours of thinking tactics, and perhaps simply wants a moment of relaxation after a hard day, or simply stuck. I believe that the role of the game designer is to be a friend of the player, and therefore you can not throw logs under the legs, or rather to draw a helping hand to him. However, this hand should be administered in a proper manner. How? This already depends on the game.GTA-cheats_o_1216101

The head comes to me a few quite user-friendly options that will allow him to cheat if he is going to feel like it.
Change the difficulty level at any time during the game. I can't mention the fact that choosing the level of difficulty to start a campaign is already absurd. How can a player know if a game will be difficult or easy for him to play? Let the player customize the game to its ability without losing progress, and you will be thankful.
Codes. These old and well know known. They are still a solution, though rather worse than the above. Often make the player omits that his experience will not be complete. Because of this, they do not umieszczałbym them as extremely easily accessible, e.g. from the game option level. Give the player the chance to search for them online or somewhere in the manual, but maybe they decide not to use them?
Map editors and any initial settings. These options can often be found in strategy games, eg in civilization, in which you can determine the number of opponents, the planet's wealth and other parameters. The same thing looks like in the Anno series. And the editor itself can be used to edit the board in favor of the player.
Let the player choose the board he wants to play. It should not be of great importance for you to miss the majority of the history that is so long opracowywałeś.


Cheating can also have some downsides. The player receives this joy from the fact that he was able to overcome something great.
It's worth rethinking if you haven't done anything wrong, since players want to resort to cheating themselves? Maybe the difficulty level grew too fast? Maybe the player didn't notice the solution that was obvious to you?

Same questions and little answers. When designing a game you have to answer it and decide!

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