Empires of Sand-"review"

A long time ago there was no longer any game reviews on the mobile platform. On this occasion I want to introduce you to empires of Sand, a tower defense game with a twist. I like TD games, I played a lot in GemCraft, KingdomeRush, or balloons, no wonder so that eventually fell on this species.

Empires-of-SandAt the first moment after the inclusion of the game I was quite pleasantly surprised by the well-executed intro, which broke my resistance to such things and panicznym clicking on the screen to only omit them. A moment later I was caught by the hand and led by the basic elements of the game. As I know this genre of games, I wanted to skip the tutorial, but I was not able to-I was forced to learn familiar things and in the worst style. "Click here, and then here, only this and nothing else," and this was accompanied by a Egyptian head that displayed the information. TL; DR.

When I was able to fire the first battle, I had to see if this game was created by the same people as KingdomeRush. Both of these games share the same graphic style, sounds and to some degree of gameplay mechanics.
Monsters are going, we put towers and barracks… As in most games of this type. However, the EoS added something else. We too can send units to the enemy! This theoretically cool element is terribly lengthening gameplay that can stretch up to 30 minutes. Many times I sat down for this game as soon as I had a spare moment: in the tub, on the toilet, before bedtime. Many times I started the fight and I had no time to finish it. So this is the case with mobile games, should be short and rich that the player can do something in them, whenever he wants to fire them.

Generally we get three game modes:
Campaign in which we are fighting on pre-prepared boards.
Arena in Epic mode – for points and Skirmish without points. In this mode we play like against other players, but I got the impression that they are controlled by AI.
Pillage. In this mode we can attack another Pharaoh and Harry his treasury. We do not build any towers, but only send their units to defeat the defenses established by someone else. I never failed to win. I do not know if I am so weak in these blocks, whether the game was designed in such a way that at low levels nobody could steal someone too much.

The basic screen of the game is our city where we collect resources and improve our armies, towers and spells. I did not do it to my liking… Just as I do not like the Games based on the click-Wait-click scheme. However, this is an additive, not the crux of tCiudad_peqhe game. Something that I liked in this game is the way he wants to make money. Watching the ad we can receive premium currency and also increase the amount of resources that we receive by plądrowaniuing other players. The game also encourages us to make different purchases, but not in any specially annoying way; Often above the city passes balloon obwieszczający Promotions – practical advertising Wpasowana in the atmosphere of the game.

The EoS managed to annoy me even when I had not run it. The number of notifications that the game generates quickly forced me to turn them off. It is not especially good either for the game or for the user. You have to be in moderation.

The game is kind of cool, well done, and generally OK… But it has so many annoying design flaws that I remove it from your phone without sadness.

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