A few words from a certain programmer about designers

Ideally, the game designer is not just a theorist in his field, but also has some programming skills. Cooperation with a designer who is able to do the simplest prototype, or although it can comprehend the development process is a huge facilitator. A working, simplified model of the game, which is supported by an appropriate comment can Świenie help to understand programmers what's going on in a given idea. Just one of the more important features of the designer is not so much the ability to convey the storyline, idea, but the mechanics of the game. While the mechanics in many games of the PC is relatively standardised (fps, strategies, etc.), which allows you to define in a few words a general outline of the game, so much in mobile games prefer the simplest gestures, and preferably a single tap, which requires More accurate translation due to the lack of ability to reference the more general game patterns.

Can not the first better Johnny Designer come to the cave programmers, say: "I have an idea for the game!", draw some scribbles on their board and have a go. Later, Johnny is surprised that the programmers have it in the arse from several days and again must come and translate it more specifically, and on the way change your idea several times.

A bad solution is also to change the mechanics at the end of the project. Maybe not literally, but in my several career, I landed on such a designer:

The idea of shooting FPS in interesting realities. At the end of the project, Johnny stated that since everything works and the game looks good it can change the FPS in TPP. This is not so big a problem. The problem could be his next idea, instead of shooting it avoid shots. No one knew if he had to laugh or cry. Working with such a designer is hard as living in our country.

The Najgorzszym type of designer is the one that is a typical theorist. Read this madman a fantasy book and runs with the idea because it was not yet! Zombie-roguelike-surival-Flight Simulator-manager in the realities of the world drive. Later, Dżordż talks about how our decisions will affect not only the NPC's behavior in relation to us, but our decisions had to influence the shape of the planet, the weather, and if we did not break it, the decisions of the player affect also confident in the parallel universes, which In the worst case, it would have to be simulated.

I also came across very good designers who were coming to the cave to talk about their ideas. I am currently sitting in mobile games where games are often very abstract. Here is just a bouncing brick or other falling balls. The designer presents us with mechanics and within 2 days has a playable prototype. If he is a good designer then he is able to conclude that as far as his idea is good this mechanics limps or plays out in it just unpleasantly. There is no resistance before this to abandon the design, or put down the drawer and wait for better times or a new idea on how to solve some elements of mechanics differently. Do not insists with your idea of throwing thunders on programmers that not so imagined, just sits down with us all and wonders what's next. Either to the trash or to change the approach.

And how to become A designer? Many people who know and deal with design regularly track topics on the people of Dare and game Jamas. At the beginning you do not even have to take part in this. Just keep your ideas for yourself, and after a while, go to Game jam. There, despite the fact that each team is for themselves a kind of competition is all coming there, above all, have fun. I bet you will find there people who will help the novice designer and also people willing to benefit from the help of the designer. Unless it is force in any element created by graphic designers or devów.

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