About quests in MMORPG games

Many are talking about the fact that MMORPG games are dying. To death they are rather far away, but it limits something that lies at their base – a large number of players. This mass affects the quests, which are one of the most important elements of each MMORPG and today we will try to analyze this issue.

First let to determine what type of quests mainly get in MMORPG games.
Deliver your item/message to X in place of Y. This type of task is mainly used to force the player to travel to another place where he finds more work for himself.
Kill some type of X monsters. The standard task that brings the player to the role of a regular Eksterminatora, and by the way indicates to the player where the opponents are located at his level.
Go there and bring it to me.
Collect item X in the specified quantity. This task type is often used as ' 'zasłona ' for killing quests. Sometimes it's also about simply raising something from the ground.
Escorting. The most beloved type of task is to protect the motion-impaired form to a certain place.
In some games of course, tasks that cannot be assigned to the above groups happen.

However, there is something in these tasks that makes them not interesting in themselves, something that often makes it even more difficult to read what an NPC is saying to you, just focus on what you do, where and what you get. The first problem is the player who wants to compete with other people about being the best. Hmm.. I determined a little bit wrong. The player may not be a problem, the problem is a bad game design, which makes players treat tasks only as something that will help them to earn or grow stronger. The second important problem is that players doing some tasks usually do not affect the world around them in any observable way. Killing Arthas in Wow did not make the plague stop, and a certain Fran Kimono in one of the initial locations has been looking for his prosthetic leg for ten years, which took him a bad wolf living in the cave next door. These things are very close to the fact that MMORPG is created so that many players can enjoy them. Designers can not create a task that will be done only once by one player in the world, because they do not nadążali to work and not give to feel all the players around the world and what is happening in it.
To some extent, the game Guild Wars 2 overcome this problem. Here, players have to some extent on what is happening in the world around them. If players fail to defend the clan, this passes into the hands of the centaurs, and when the players do not protect the repairers, the bridge will simply not be used. The Same quests also diverge from what you see in most production… The classic tasks are simply missing. Here we usually help some characters in the fight against certain forces of the enemy, and we can do it not only by killing, but also by destroying pieces of equipment or gathering something. Unfortunately, we are still limiting these basic types of activities, but not as much as in other games, and lack the player's power to actually influence the world around him.
He even better coped with the Secret World, where beyond these basic types of tasks there is something that can be described as an investigation, which rely on the solution of a certain riddle. For example, we get a zinc with a raven and something else there, and starting from it we see a few sitting in front of the house Ptaszysk, a few still further and further, following them we come to the fountain in which we have to solve a riddle. Elsewhere in the game there are references to the Bible or to other elements of our world. In this where every element of the entourage can be part of some task and it is cool. However, he still lacks the power to make changes to his actions in the world.

Another problem of quests are loaded with dialogue text with the NPC who outsourced them. This Problem is indirectly associated with the fact that players are focused on the grind, not on the task itself. There is a TL; DR, because the player has no time to read and "Wsiąknięcie" in the world around him. Maybe the solution would be to introduce some pictorial messages, sort of like a comic book?



But how do you make the players drew the pleasure of doing the job? Firstly, should not be trivial. Let the player engage their depth. Let the player have the impression that every element of the world can mean something, be part of some larger whole.

The Internet itself is also a bit of an example. Creating complex and deep tasks you can make the player who, even if he got all the information he needs, has not noticed them, stuck, and his natural response will be to check the solution somewhere on the Internet.

Or maybe the MMORPG has already died and we already have only MMO games with RPG elements, but somehow we do not see?

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