Starting points

When you turn off a game or postpone it forever? Let to create a small list.
You lost, someone killed you, finished your turn, saved the game, won, completed the stage, used the available energy, the game reminded you that the time to go to sleep, the game error has put you in a frenzy or you could not achieve a certain goal. These are called starting points, which are places where players play the game. BuExit-pointt why bother with such things? Creating a game, especially one that should keep the player with him for a long time (eg MMO, F2P) you will want the player to have a good relationship with it.

A good example of the starting point are all kinds of savegame storage locations that protect the player from losing current progress. Maybe you remember playing Mario on Pegasus, where you could not save the game and every time you were forced to walk away from the TV traciłeś all your progress? I am terribly became. Auto-Save the game at the checkpoint, every turn, at the end of the level or elsewhere gives the player a sense of security that has not worked for free. You must respect the lives of the player outside the virtual world. Have you ever been a bad game just because you had to play about 30 minutes longer than you, because otherwise you would have lost something? You want to avoid this feeling in the player.

What about unwanted starting points?

The first example may be insufficient game content, especially in late-stage gameplay. This problem applies mainly to MMO games and F2P. Years ago playing in WoWa I had a problem with that. I achieved everything that was in my reach and I simply had no interesting activities, so I lost my interest in the game, and I had no intention to spend pieniążków on the next additions. Remember that people playing your game always have something to do, because people who have already achieved everything are your najwartościowszymi customers.

The death of a player's character or failure is usually part of the game. Such an event can be a good starting point if you take it well. The player can leave for a moment from the game to cool and rethink their actions, on the other hand you can suggest it to the player seeing that he still bears failure or copes with the word badly. It is better to have a rest or upset on the game and decided that no more will play in it. I experienced this myself playing WoT, where after a series of many defeats I postponed this game for over a year. SometGameOverYouSuckhing you should beware of is exaggerating the punishment of the player for his failure. If he dies, try to allow him as quick as possible back to the action, instead of displaying the word Game Over, or as it does in MOBAch skazywać him to passively watch the battlefield in anticipation of respawn.

In online games where players compete with each other, the natural starting point is to end a winning or losing session. There are many ways to tempt a player to play a few more games. These can be rewards for a few victories of one day, missions or many other things.

An interesting aspect are the starting points in MMORPG games, where the player can not stop or save the game. You have to think in which places the player is most inclined to postpone the game and try to offer something, such as the next task. I most often finished the game after I reached the next level, did the task, raid, or even another activity, which I wanted to do. You have to enter the mind of the player and think well what is important for him. If the character was promoted, give him access to a new interesting option in the game, which can want to check, a new task, only limits your creativity. But it is not worth exaggerating. The player who broke the night after you held him in the game can be annoyed the next day, and over time he can find that he spends too much time in the virtual world and look for another lesson. It is good practice to inform the player that the game is already very long, or to display the current real time in the game.

These are just a few of many, many starting points. They may be different in each game and in any game you can solve them in a different way.

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