Several games in one ecosystem

EVE Online and DUST 514 released by CCP games are the only two radically different games, whose worlds interact with each other. Players from dust, which is FPSem can influence the situation on planets in the world of Eve, in turn, Eve players, which is a space simulator can bombard the battlefield in DUST, if they have the appropriate equipment on their ships.

Dust. Orbital attack

Dust. Orbital attack

I wonder why there is no more such games… Or I have not heard of them.
I got into my head some plausible reasons, which are mainly related to marketing issues.

Releasing into the world of MMOs, and practically only in such interactions can occur is excruciatingly expensive. The very process of creating such games consumes about 20-50 million, for this it is necessary to added costs that will pull up for a long time, ie, maintaining servers, support, promotion, issue of corrections. I was able to find the information > LINK1 < > LINK2 < For WoWa, which says that from the year 2004 to 2008 the cost of the whole game was 200.000.000 $, until today it is probably much more. These figures should tell you a lot. With the release of such an amount, the publisher is at great risk, because the market for MMOs today is quite well-done, and therefore the chance that these costs will also be reduced.

Game-issuing companies usually also specialize in specific game types that they spend. For example, Ncsoft, produced for us Lineage2, Aion or WildStara. These are typical MMORPG games that cannot be combined into a single ecosystem, because even if they belonged to a single universe, they are too similar. It is one of the blockades that prevents the market from providing us with sensations such as CCP.

With what I described above it involves that the publishers attach themselves to a successful production, giving us the same title with another cyferką. This is of course a way to reduce the risk, as players will be more willing to play the two when they enjoyed one.

Another thing is the lifespan of MMO games. These games are created with a view to lasting for years. During this time, developers are usually busy maintaining the game, issuing add-ons and such things. This makes it simply does not have the time to take over the creation of another game. On the other hand, it doesn't have to be as powerful games as EVE and DUST. It can be just as good a game MMORPG and a simple game type Bejeweled, which can play my wife on the occasion of providing me a buff to the amount of exp earned, and I could win for her special items every time I perform a quest.
I dreamed of:)

Przywarcie for successful production
Continuation of games
Life expectancy MMO Games

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