Lyrics from the World of fantasy

Somewhere in another world there are great Sharp mountains, and between them there are carpets from the clouds hiding what is below. The valley traverses six giants who do not subside in their wzniesieniom. They are built of large slabs of stones, which, despite the fact that they are separated by a few meters, seem perfectly fit to each other, by the way show the interior of the Colossus-full of pulsating energy. Many of the stones that make up the big body are adorned with different patterns that depict the lives of various characters that have influenced the fate of the universe in a significant way. From afar seem to move extremely slowly and chunky. To some extent this is true, because putting one step often takes them more than a minute, but what a step! At one stąpnięciem the distance of a few kilometers. Their size really does impress!

The Colossus is the guards and gardeners in his field. Carefully watch their kennels, guarding them from all intruders. What do they grow? Souls. There are all souls that exist in the universe, and the Giants care about them. They plant new ones, eat them, ripe, and throw away the sick who threaten the plantation. With their hollow, stationary, sculpted eyes.

Souls grow without a break as large, luminous bladess of grass that seem to not bother raging in the valley of the winds that ordinary man obdarłyby from the skin.


Magic is like a child. Often disobedient, doing things incomprehensible to the adult. On the other hand, if you are the parent of such a child, you love them, then and the child will do for you everything, and you even more for him.

This is probably the perfect summary of all our knowledge about magic. We know how to use it, but we can't understand it, nor do we know what it really is. For hundreds of years many magicians and scholars are trying to explore the nature of magic and nobody has yet managed to give a clear answer. Conjecture is many, but many of them have a common characteristic, i.e. they assume that power has a certain degree of self-awareness and awareness of our world, which manifestations doszukuje in its rather specific behavior. It is able to manifest the manifestations of his will, to haunt someone, and to guide his actions. But no one did not prove the end…

Magic also seems to be everywhere, although its distribution is not even. The greatest quantities are found in living organisms and where something violent happens – fire, lightning, earthquakes are usually sources of power.

The magic can be mastered through hard work, studies and exercises to learn to notice, feel and use. But these people are not able to match those that have been begottened by mages or Magiczkis, and those who cannot match those who have been chosen by magic. Unfortunately, children who have been chosen by the power of the mother's womb most often do not live birth. Their energy, which they cannot in any way, can literally tear through the mother's body.

Despite these many unknowns in a fairly good way we can control the magic, shape it according to our will, which probably for the rest of life you will have to focus using incantations and gestures. Maybe this zdolniejszym will manage the art of controlling magic only by means of thought.

Nilrema Speech for Pierwszorocznych.

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