Sunless Sea-Review

Several times I had the opportunity to stumble upon reviews about the game Sunless Sea, which were overwhelmingly positive. This prompted me to buy the game and taking what captivated all those people.

If you haven't heard about this game yet, I explain that the game consists in reading history, making choices, swimming, trading, fighting (the order is not random, as the first I mention things done most often). Many of the reviews I've read have sought (by. ME) to the force to classify this game into some particular genre, which probably is not possible, because the Sea Sunless pulls only certain elements from many different species:
From Paragrafówki were drawn tones of text, which were hidden various interesting stories and our choices;
With Roguelików pulled Permadeath, with only a partially random world;
With Zręczościówek pulled a very arcade combat system;
etc etc.

Despite such a mix the game is very coherent, and no elements are not depart from the chosen by the creators of the course-the creation of a game in which the player will want to see more, and the occasion was afraid to peek what is behind the next island.

In my opinion the biggest drawback and the advantage of the game is text. It is enough to scare many people, and is so well written, przesączony darkness and humor, so that the game will love you, who do not odstraszyła the wall of text.

The second biggest drawback is its reproducibility, especially at the beginning of the game, when we have to earn a little echo to buy torpedoes, fuel, or food. In combination with the fact that stories told on individual islands remain the same every time that the greatest advantage begins to fade, and becomes something that we need to take off every time we die… And this happens really often. Before I learned how to play I perished some five times in an hour, and you have to know that the game has a very slow pace.
The graphic style is…. Quaint. It's not nice, but it's not ugly too, I'd rather call it perfectly matching the horror.

I have to admit to fraud, which I committed after a particular approach to the game-I saved and odczytywałem the game records with every random task, to be able to see more quickly what this game hides. I have to admit that there is a lot of it, although it is hard to discover anything.

It is not possible to say that this is a bad game, because it is very good in what it is, but it is so difficult to receive (the wall of the text) and its overall level of difficulty and the fact that it spins so slowly I have to downgrade to 6/10. Probably many people do not like it, but oh well, he can swallow you Cthulhu!Cthulhu

Worth seeing:
Eurogamer not know why the author is associating this game with steampunk. I did not notice anything like that.

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