Distance issue

Some time ago the world released the Game Trine 3, which is the third installment of Great platform games. However, in this section decided to move the game to the third dimension, probably to give the player more freedom and make his experience with the game were even better. The idea was a tragedy. After moving the game to the third dimension, the simplest jumps have become difficult, and those difficult almost impossible. The same thing happened when the first platform games came to the world. But why?

The problem is how we perceive the world and how the monitor communicates to us what is happening on the screen. As people we have two eyes and it is thanks to them to see whether something is close or far. With one eye to discern the distance between objects we need to move.

In games, the role of our eyes is one camera that conveys what he sees on the monitor. It is not possible to read the depth from this image, because the monitor is flat. That is why there is so little 3d platform games. I think they can go back when the VR is better to develop.

No but the awareness of distance is useful not only in Skakankach. What, for example, when the game is a sniper and we need to quickly assess the distance to the goal, or in the game distinguish the collapse of the building from the whole new street?shot_006

Try to determine the distance between the buildings from the screen. Hardly right? You are missing the information you usually get in real life. How could this disadvantage be linked to the lack of depth? You can create levels so that the surrounding elements do not blended with each other. You can add a delicate blur to the camera, which will rub all the elements on which the player is not focused giving him the distance information. You can also add a rangefinder that will directly show the player the distance from the objects of interest, in platform games you can take control of the camera and display the game in such a perspective that the player has no problem with distance assessment. There are many solutions and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

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