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More than 20 years ago, a certain Mr. Bartle developed a division of players Zasiedlających Worlds MUDów because of the classes they enjoy and the things that are important to them. Maybe you've heard about the broken-up of assassins, explorers, Społeczniowcóws and Achieversów (Osiągaczy?). His work talks about the division itself, as individual types interact with each other and how it can be used.

So what these players mean by. Bartel? The answer would simplify this diagram, which was created from the original. It shows the relationship between players ' actions and the main focus of their activities.Diagram

As you can see players by this Division can act on something, or with something to work with, and the subject of these actions can be players or the game world. So it looks simplistic. It is worth remembering that players do not have to classify strictly in this division, and may have certain characteristics of each of these classes, or just two.

Now, let's look at the basic categories of players (over time, more for the sake of better classification or to describe someone who wymykał this description, at the end of this text you will find links to the texts that give you more information).
Killer. The pleasure makes them competing directly with other players eg. By killing them or some other form of domination. Other activities (gathering equipment, exploring the mechanics of the game) serve them mainly to achieve the highest rankings or to murder others more effectively.
Społeczniowcy most like to interact with other players through e.g. through chat, common expeditions. They are the basis of any good guild or clan. They often help others and they want to gain fame.
Achieversi like challenges, points and achievements. They strive to conquer the greatest treasures, the best weapons, the toughest challenges.
Explorers are most likely to explore the game world itself or maps. They are usually finding Easter eggs. are curious. Their willingness to know is often not limited only to what the creators wanted them to show, but they also try to discover how the game works.

But what does that mean? This means that people playing in one game can play it for completely different reasons. Some are looking for challenges others want to fight, others want to be famous. This is one reason why the game forums people argue what would be good, and what is not for the game. They simply expect different things.

Each of these groups will affect the others that are in the game, which makes the number of one can bounce on the number of others. Here it is worth mentioning the balance that should be preserved in MMOs so as not to wyludniły too quickly.
The game dominated by the killers quickly wyludni as there will be too many people hindering the lives of others. Their large number of fast-depletes numbers of Społeczniowców and achieversów, however, do not have as much influence on explorers, because you usually do not worry about the death of your character.
A large number of explorers in the game contribute to a continuous increase in their number. This is because they share their experiences. By the way, the achievements and discoveries of this group also use Achieversi, where additional information allows to gain better results. The second group on the back of explorers are the assassins that enhance the uprzykrzania methods of living another.
Społecznicys mainly drive themselves. Their large number makes them grow, and small, that decreases. This is related directly to their aspirations. If you do not have with whom to make friends simply change the game, and when they are successful. It is also a group on which the killer usually live, which results in a decrease in their number. This is due to the fact that Społecznicy simply do not like to be killed, probably involves the fact that they identify more with their characters.
Achieversis and assassins remain with each other in a balance. They are a challenge for the assassins, but they do not like to be killed by them, which makes the assassins even more likely to focus on them trying to disturb them. Generally, a higher number of achieversów increases the killer population.

And how do the proportions of these groups look in practice? Usually in most MMORPG populations of these groups remain roughly aligned. In contrast, the shooters (CS) Most meet the killers those the anger of others and Achieversów focused on achieving more and better results. In Fejsbuczkowych games you come across Społeczniaków, who will help each other pieląc the garden and Achieversów wanting to shine a super result before others.

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